1. firewall001

    i can't play

    it wont let me play because the client dll or something isn't loading
  2. C

    pls help me to play this game

    Hi Guys I want to play esf but i have a problem to start it! i want to play this game but i cant start it! i open steam and want to play esf but in the list it not exist where can i start it ???? maybe i need a new update? when i start the game, counterstrike 1.6 will be opend!! i hope you...
  3. J

    Why i can't play CTDB?

    I change the game mode but nothing happen, CTDB but i don't see any Drabon Ball, someone help me please :cry:
  4. D

    How to play,and some questions.

    Hi all,im newbye on this game.. how can I get lvl?? what I need for do that? and... I need upgrade Half-life 1 to ?? can I play this game withtout steam?
  5. E

    Do you need steam to play Lan games?

    Because i remember playing this game before, (LAN with bots) without steam or a valid cd-key... i keep on getting the "cant load library cl_dlls/client.dll" error message. plz help~
  6. D

    esf play

    do i have to buy half life through steam or can i buy it at a game store eg. EBGames
  7. S

    is it possible to play esf with halflife without steam stuff...

    i am receiving a error: couldn't load library esf/cl_dlls/client.dll can someone tell me how esf could be played without steam cause i can remember that in the past i'd played this game before and then the error occured but someone told me to copy the client.dll and paste it somewhere in...
  8. D

    how do u play offline?

    i would like to play offline but then i cant find the offline option for steam
  9. D

    Cant play esf

    ok i installed everything that is required but then when i open it theres no new game option, no tutorial, and no load game option so anyone who can help plz do