1. T

    i not trying to get banned so dont take this personally

    I was just wondering why u we cant critic azn's and smo's models why not thats why they are called critics what we think doesnt mean u have to change it everyones perception is different and he might see something that looks a little better and tweak it a little to make it look better for all...
  2. Ã

    look wat i am makeing

    tell me if u like
  3. dudeman

    The Great ESF Group picture :)

    i might add some more ppl that wanna be on it.. anyways, how ya guys like it? grtz, da d00d (changed host to redsaiyan) (changed host to lycos)
  4. Suh Dude

    Fresh from Photoshop

    I was expermeting photoshop then i made this abstract thingy so if someone ripes or founds out this somome riped this please contact me and i will NEVER GIVE OUT MY TUTORIAL HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHHAHAHAHHA CritZ?
  5. The Noodler

    ff8 pic i drew

    i drew a pic of selphie play a guitar ( bad spelling O_O ) anyways i hope its good, i got the ref pic from a ff8 manga i have. Critz plz :)
  6. S

    ok new mapper needs some help with stuff!

    ok i have been working o na map all day and was wondering how to cut stuff out because i have made some thing that needs hole or openings so people can goinside any help? ps am using valve hammer editor! ok heres the problem (got some pics to help) i need the hole bit curcledinand...
  7. V

    How can i host my model on Redsaiyan ?

    Hi i dont know if this threat belongs here but i just wanna know how i can host it there ...
  8. R

    I need halp, please!

    OK that's my problem: When iam at the end (or at the top) of the map, all objects in the map just DISAPPEAR and i only can see players. How can i fix this problem?!:(
  9. GhostfaceKillah

    BG update

    I added some scanlines to darken it up, and fixed the panel abit, plus added my new logo, Critz/Comments please.
  10. CyroTek

    bebi vegeta

    ok, that wasn´t the way it should go, it was my mistake i forgot to send the readme, and after i send it the person who uploaded it wasn´t online so he couldn´t change it, i uploaded it now on a my clan site, with the credits in the pack, so if they are wrong tell me, i´m not perfect so...
  11. E

    Help n00b modeler!

    Hi all. I REALLY want to get into modeling,so i was just wondering what are good programs to start off with?I dont have any money to spend (im 13),and i would prefer it to be as user-friendly (as possbile,haha).I have lots of time and im willing to put time into it.Oh yea,and a website with...
  12. Naz

    Nessaja's Indy Art

    [Indy] Endurance I'm not done with it, yet, anyone got some suggestions for it + crits? grtz Naz
  13. D

    High Lands (Help)

    Can someone please post a WORKING link to the ESF Alpha map called High Lands? The one @ RedSaiyan does not work, so dont tell me to go there, if you cannot find a link could you send it via email to [email protected] Thanks alot guys! :)
  14. Cold Steel

    puppetpall Z?

    Well I guess most of you guys know about my comic now. It's called puppetpall Z . I'd like to know if you guys like it .I made a poll to vote, but i also like a personal opinion. The thing is if the voting will suck then I will quit making the comic.
  15. B

    damn skins

    how do i make skins on milkshape in windows XP
  16. M

    SSJ3Goku by bryggz

    Hey could someone send me Bryggz SSJ3Goku model or give me a site a download it. I went through these 13 pages and found only 1 site and the zip or something was damaged and the one on redsaiyan is not bryggz it used to be, but it got mixed up with Dakd somehow, but I personally think bryggz is...
  17. C


    i wanted too know if someone can make a nappa model:devgrin: i would love too see and have this modelO_O so if anyone can make this model i would luv it;D thx
  18. Koren


    Please for the love of all that is holy does anyone have a model better then the skinnt one or the fat one i want superbuu or kid thats it please someone help me here

    (Megasaiyan)Gohan (not ssj3).

    I changed the hair and the eyes a little bit. I think it looks cool. ***EDIT*** Tell me what you think. ***EDIT*** If you want to see the pic just click on the link and tell me what do you think about it by posting in this thread.