1. Dalte89

    Where is Pcjoe ?

    Where is Pcjoe o_o ? I keep hoping that we would recieve update about what he is coding on. Things like the effect and scene maker. Pcjoe is usually more active in the forums, saying stuff to make us go crazy over 1.3. If u see this pcjoe... SAY SOMETHING PLEASE!!!!!:cry:
  2. Growler


    AWESOME JOB ON THE FX SYSTEM SO FAR! 10/10!! I love it! That new animations for the transes are superb dude! Im going to be playing ESF long after any hl2 dbz mods come out. Wow. SUPURB! Congratulations man, you have a bright future ahead of you!
  3. grOOvy

    Happy Birthday Pcjoe

    Happy birthday, joe ^_^. Hope you have an absolute blast. I know you'll be enjoying WoW very soon, hope you don't get too addicted D:. Happy 18th \o/!
  4. U

    PcJoe vs Cucumba || I <3 Hibiki ??? wtf ???

    Which of the two is greener, PcJoedy or Pickleboy Please no green penis jokes. I wanna keep this as kermit as possible. ||-to all hibiki's in the audiance ignore the topic-|| ps. i know ur out to get me :( :tired:
  5. M

    Happy Birthday for PCJOE

    Everyone seems to forget about it since this is the ESF 1.2b release day but a team member of ESF has become a year older today :) so i just want to say: HAPPY BIRTHDAY PCJOE and have a good nice year and for the release party :) i hope that you will be there to :)
  6. G


    PCJOE IIM CALLING YOU OUT TO PWN U!!!! ill be ready around the 1-2nd week of april so
  7. GMan

    PCJoe logged on 2/5/2004, what are your opinions?

    Your thoughts? Discuss.
  8. Ultra33Gokussj3

    GT Vegeta for lord killmore

    I am making this tread For LORD KILLMORE He has requested for me a GT VEGETA with a jacket Credit to Turk - Vegeta (body) Vassago - frieza (chrome) Sin Goku - Hair So here it is: Hope you like it
  9. S

    Question for PCJOE or ANYONE WHO KNOWS

    When i play esf. Sometimes not all the time it will just shut down on me and go back to my desktop how do i fix this???
  10. SSJ4boneVegeta

    In regards to Pcjoe's Aurabend video (dev journal)

    Well I liked it because you said it's more flexeble and you can do more things with it. As it stands now, I am not to sure. It's still the same to me. I want to see something that resembles the Dbz 2d aura.( but not actually 2d,lol)
  11. Epedemic_Optikz

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!! PCJoe

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!! /me whips out party hat and big drums and those blow noise makers :]
  12. M

    Hey Pcjoe I Challenge You!!!!

    hey pcjoe i challenge to duel with do you accept it?????? ( i do hope so ) Because everybody say your the man so i want to see it
  13. S

    Camera Positions

    Hello, i want to know how i can make some camera positions on maps, so i can change to them while i make a power struggle. and how can i change to them then??? (just like in cs_assault where u can look at cameras) __________________________________________ i have read somewhere that...
  14. S

    PCJoe is back!!!!!

    Hello PCJoe, we are welcoming back u or so. 1. Where have u been? 2. Could you greet us with words like hello or so u know... or not we are not worth your great words ;D i dont have anymore questions.
  15. NightShade

    pcjoe *all welcome*

    How is the melee system coming along? i trying to ask is because i was told it is hard to make melee into a game that is like a fps (hl engine) and i checked out some games that uses it also like vampire slayer mod. i would be right on someone and it does not say i hit them. *was told it was...
  16. A

    Reply to PCJoe

    Need to lighten up lol. This whole forum does. Can't u spot a joke post when u see it? Or maybe that was the joke on me, hmm ya all acting serious about it, tricky devils ye be.
  17. A

    *GASP* PCJOE not working??? Yet PLAYING!! OMG!!

    Hey what up PCJOE, told u i would post. Yes thats right folks, PcJoe has changed games! I got the lkittle sucker playing around in JK2!! (Jedi Knight 2) Why he has free time to play! what does that mena for his dudties? Hes slacking! The poor guy, i guess everyone going to have to lynch him...
  18. K

    Installing PcJoe's Mod!!!!

    How the heck does this thing work? *Hits the shut down key* OOOO NO WHAT HAVE I DONE!? Lol thats what I feel like! Can some1 help here? Everytime I try to unzip it, it says its a screensaver! Hrmmm......... ;/ What's the problem? O_O AHHHH THE ALIEN HAS ARIVED! I really need help...
  19. Kerozeyetzev

    PCJoe's mod

    i don't know how many people actually tried it out, but heres a section where you can comment on what you thought of it if you did. i thought it was pretty cool, although the area could be a little larger and the lightning bolts a little more realistic.;D
  20. L

    How do you run pcjoe's mod?

    i can get the mod running but when i try to create a game there are no maps or anything....im pretty sure im doing something wrong...but what? Can someone help?