1. Hibiki


    woot woot go go joe!!!! happy bday!!! *insert lots of woots here*
  2. NightShade

    Vass,pcjoe,vt and the rest of the team

    I would love to have a team match esf team vs the rest when the new esf comes out. that would be great. heh
  3. S

    Goku Head Reskin

    i redid the face of goku... this is my first skin done with my new graphics tablet, so go easy on the critisism... anyway, enjoy!
  4. P

    Pcjoe's Shack

    <a href="http://www.esforces.com/~pcjoe/index.shtml">Pcjoe's Shack</a> I made the entire site in notepad(and used Newspro for the news setup), tell me whatcha guys think:)
  5. D

    a model to alter/uas as a base

    i found this model at http://www.planethalflife.com/polycount/ link
  6. D

    Janemba model beta

    here's my janemba model. it took me about a day to make it. i used milkshape and the polycount is around 1300 (will be lower). the arms will also be a little shorter. and ofcourse there will be some feet. What needs to be improved except for these things ?
  7. P

    Some real artwork(not a sig)

    Since this place seems to have turned into the pimp your sig place, i think i'll post a little coloring i did:) Bewarned, this took me 20/30 minutes, an some of the lighting is screwed up. Coloring: Original:
  8. Akhkaru

    Goku: Semi-SSJ skin

    Well, as the subject says, here it is, and READ the top, don't blame me about anything, I'm sure joe will enjoy it... I think, so here it is: If that don't work, click here
  9. Akhkaru


    Me decide to use PSP to Skin, And I believe It might go well, I know the basics to PSP, and some of the advanced. So, send me some of the files for me to get started, then I'll show ya'll
  10. Akhkaru

    Pcjoe, reply

    Joe, send me a Private Message once you get PhotoShop for me, mkay?
  11. X

    pcjoe i need some help

    hey pcjoe, i know u use 3dsmax but did u just learn how to model or did u find some good tutorials for it, if u found some tutorials could u tell me where u got them? plz tell me