1. t he OnE Z Er0

    e need uuuuuuubbbbbbbbb

    when are u guys making ubb
  2. P

    new wallpaper for an anime im makin.

    yo fellas whats happenin. im makin a new anime and im just makin the wallpaper for it to go with this. its about 20-30% complete and i just want to know what you like and dont like ps: its a sort of mountain area. only in a dream(it fits with my anime. ull see in time) if the...
  3. Sicron

    Cape Gohan

    I know there is a final request tread, but i dont get answers there: does some one know the gohan with cape (the one that mtaches s-bolts ssj2 gohan) cuz if i take the one of brollman i cant use him cuz he has a error
  4. Eon

    Reflect on the past

    I just posted this for people to share old forum members that they miss, tell who they were and a memorable moment and/or nice quality about that former member. ;)
  5. Wyatt

    I made a GokuGt

    OK like it says i made a gt goku, but im having a few prob compiling. I found out i need a reference.smd and when i try to export it it says invalid vertex bone assignment. But as soon as i find out how to fix that ill release and in the mean time ill try to find a host for a pic and btw id...
  6. B

    Too many normals HELP!!!!

    I working on a Gret trunks model but always when i will compile it its scream TOO MANY NORMALS!! is there a way to compile it??
  7. GMan

    Cell Saga Gohan?

    Is there or can anyone make a really nice Gohan model of him with the cape, in SSJ and then SSJ2? That'd be nice. You know what I mean.
  8. T

    In case anyone interested...

    Im currently working on a ssj3 animation ;) I'll try to post a movie soon, butta im also starting to work on an ssj2 (yes really). Im mainly gonna modify the aura, like add model lightning and some hair fixes no more no less. So that's it my journal starts here past any comments if u like...
  9. Hsu

    new flash work

    Ok I have been watching a lot of Invader Zim lately and I love the style used so I made a few things in flash of Gir. I am relly happy with how Gir in his dog costum came out. You will need to...
  10. MaX

    Aurapack1.1 RELEASED!!

    here it is its got some fixes and auras are huge like in 1.0 anyway hope ya like and pics are inside. file is 1.3 megs. this changes transformation auras. extract the wrl files to esf/models. and then go ingame and enjoy and each lvl of the aura is diffrent.. so in console do this...
  11. Kman3252

    Free sig

    well heres a sig i made if anyone wants it. i will add in your name i know its not good i wiped it up in 2mins but ya
  12. Macro-Gamer

    My new sig.

    My new sig, tell me wat you think. If pic doesn't work then copy and past the following:
  13. MaX

    Cell Shot Copy and Paste
  14. S

    Recompile of normal mystic gohan for normal gohan

    Could someone take the normal mystic gohan and recompile it for the normal gohan seeing as we now have an ss mystic gohan for ss normal gohan. Or tell me how to do it
  15. B

    ESF Image Request

    Hi Fellas, I'm BoMo from JuegosOnline.Com and i'm in charge of the Mods and Patches Section of Our Site. What I need is a little img of ESF (160x160 pixels) like this one: (This is just an example you may see where the image will go following this link). So I can place ESF as the Mod...
  16. Deverz

    Digi-Gohan's new sig

    Comment and Crit's on it (He made it himself, I just posted this due to his other thread being dragged way off-topic) And DO NOT drag this to about his past on these forums involving his artwork.
  17. Optimus Prime

    Is the Simpsons long past Overdue?

    You gotta wonder how long these guys can go. I mean, the new episodes, while they are still funny, just don't strike me as full of laughter as previous seasons did. And, the occasional clip show, just pisses me off. What does everyone else think? This doesn't mean reply with "The s1mpsons...
  18. dudeman


    hey all another map is finished.. it was suppused to be esf_snakeway but i had to change the name to something else so i made it dman_snakeway.... screenies: the map: also...
  19. S

    does a human have a level past a human?

    me wondering if a human could go somethin like a ssj. then that person would be 10 times stonger and faster. then could he only master ki! the human form cant master ki;D
  20. Kuyuaga

    What Have I missed over the past 2 weeks or so...

    I should stop buggering off and then coming back! I'll try to stay around more often, but anyways whats hapened latley? I see the whole Forums have changed.....