1. Skyrider

    Software to automatic cut audio in multiple parts.

    Do any of you know a need software which is able to cut a (example) 8 hours long audio mp3 (no movie) in to multiple parts automatically, such as 15min per and creates an MP3 out of it?
  2. D

    Gaming Laptop

    I need one. I move around too much to build another desktop so I have no other choice. I haven't kept up with computer specs over the last two years so I'm out of the loop. I've been looking at Sager's NP9850 and 9280, as well as Alienware's M17x. I have $3k to play around with, though I'm...
  3. wheres_

    New PC parts.

    SAPPHIRE HD4870 750M PCIe/1GB/DUAL-DVI CPU INTEL CORE 2 Q9550 2.83GHz 2x6MB 1333FSB MOBO GIGABYTE GA-X48T-DQ6 DESKTOP BOARD (maybe just a X48, but the X48T is the same price. Also thinking about an asus board but I like the over clocking utilities this board comes with.) CORSAIR TWIN2X...
  4. sub

    Peprsi, Sprite ****s up vital parts of DNA

    Pepsi, Sprite ****s up vital parts of DNA That's nice.
  5. final shine

    distructible parts in maps

    my idea is that maps that should have some parts that bend or disapere when slamed on them or hit with blasts, it wil look cool ,something like the time when brolly slamed vegeta's head against that huge rock and made that crater :D
  6. ZeroNightmare

    Help me with computer parts!

    yo i'm on a pretty old crappy compaq. i have a standard graphics card which they give you. i'm pretty sure its a "extreme graphics 2" card. its an intel r 82845g/gl/ge/pe/gv graphics controller according to the device manager. i'm fairly sure i have a low ammount of ram, where i check that...
  7. N

    first art

    tell me what you think for a first time.
  8. CM

    Shin Carl Inc. Reskins

    All of these were done by SSJ Shin Carl, me is just hostin and postin for him. First Up- Weighing in 6 tons of lipstick, and with credits from: PCJoe for the Alpha Model and Ultra 33 for the EDIT!!! same credits and above, only the edit is different, its frieza 100 % form...
  9. Tweek

    ..Which 1 do u want

    ..Keh i started work on a Perfect Cell a wil bck and i Decided 2 Let Ultra carry on from torso cus he cant P by P model so i though he could get sum Experiance. I also decided 2 carry on so we now hav 2 Cell mdls but U hav 2 decide which 1 u guys want ;) My cell (-EVM- Tweek) This 1 done...
  10. CM

    Muscle Tutorial (Skinning) (Not Zereth's)

    well, i use a different style thats not like the one zereth uses. theyre both good in my opinion, but for starting skinners this is easier. i wont make this based on a skinmap since no skinmap is l33t enough for my skills (yeah right) this is ONLY for photoshop users (i dont have FFD4B2sp...
  11. S

    well here is my NEWEST skin

    well i have been skiining alday yesturday and came up with this credits:Mr Smo for the model me for the new skin maps and skins(also smo for the parts that havent been maped or skined.. yet) here is the front (note that i am still working on the face and the top of the chest area*i also...
  12. Suh Dude

    Neds Veggito

    well i tryed Zerierths Tutorial and its coo crits credit ned
  13. I

    cell jr SKIN

    i have re-edited this Cell Model which was NOT!! made by ME!! ICEMAN!! i RESKINNED it.. although i did NOT model it... is that clear for yall crits... ok now here's the link credits to: i do not know... if anyone recognizes that model and know who made it please inform me A.S.A.P and once...
  14. Nuttzy

    base model, thread #2

    well, i did some mroe work to hinm to accomodate more than just a gohan or goku, ill be making several new parts for this model, (multiperson gloves, boots, some accessories and what not so i can basically make any character from this base) the clothed one looks slightly buffer, which can...
  15. Damaera

    Majin Blue Saiyan Trunks!

    Pics: Back And Front Working on Trans look I'll show you guys later Credits:Xstortionist For TRunks and SSJ (Majin Blue Saiyan SSJ Trunks coming soon!)
  16. E

    New Wallpaper, ROY

    This is the first pic I made in I think 1 month that was for me, and just abstract. Im still rusty, but Please gimme some constructive crits and tips and what you think should happen. Thanks
  17. DBZFever

    model not ripped

    "they ripped goku's model! they try to cover their ass by putting "By Entering This Page I Am Accepting The Fact That I Cannot:... 3) Charge Any Of The Staff\Persons Of Stealing, Fraud, Or Anything That Shall Harm Anyone" fortunatly, that wont hold up in any court, period. you cannot...
  18. S

    A New Rs Vegeta Tell Me what u think

    i did this for fun today and i was woundering of what u peeps think about it should it be done or put it in the trash pic is on this link im very :tired: stayed up from 530 AM to 730 AM after being up all night i just couldnt get the model the way i liked it but heres and updated pic i...
  19. P

    Comments on my site layout plz

    Ok, a couple of things I want you to keep in mind before making comments: -I wanted this site to be fast loadable for everyone (56k users too). -Wanted to keep the site to the point not only about the layout but also for the info itself. The link to the site is 56k...
  20. MinesSkylineR34


    yes i love this one :) rain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in the summer O_o