1. john_volkov

    weird youtube bug ore pc bug

    Oki so I have a problem evry time I try to see a movie on youtube evryting is upside down's http://img258.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wtfc.jpg
  2. Z

    hentai goku

    this link contains erotic conten if u are not 16 ore olderask your parents for promision to enter so not do not i repeat do not click it www.nohentaiallowedontheseforums.org
  3. Skyrider

    INPORTANT!! *ALL redsaiyan models* *READ*

    ok.. people.. i am going to change something in rs. and i am going to put all the esf beta 1.0 models into a 1.0 catogery. and all 1.1 models into a 1.1 catogery.... *i am doing this cuz allot of people asking is this useable for esf beta 1.1 , and reason 2. cuz it makes rs a bit...
  4. Nuttzy

    is ephiroth in high enough demand here for me to ignore my retirement?

    well i amde him in 1 day, i edited a head that magus sent me, (i forgot the name of the author hurry up and tell me again so this dont get closed) but the rest was made by me, ignore the black hair thats just cuz i had it set at no material then regrouped it with the head, i figured his...
  5. t he OnE Z Er0

    could someone do something about that kid buu they put in redsaiyan.net

    i think that buu needs more work and needs to be for 1.1
  6. D


  7. R

    a teraditional arena map....but....

    but this time it has biohazardous stiff around the arena (Doesnt damage yet,going to fix it) For now its just for training purposes,but maybe Im gonna make it a tourny map http://www.geocities.com/kaiser_neo/map/ pics for now,forgive my horrendous lighting in the map,it was supposed to...
  8. S

    hey cheak these sprites i have edtored

    i have done some edits of some sprites ! take a look! *edit* dam i carnt get my pictures loaded up from my comp i will try again later
  9. D

    Wut the heck is a normal

    hey when i go to complie my qc in milkshape it says i have to many normals what the heck are they and how do i correct this problem. thanx for the help peeps
  10. G

    PuppetpallZ the comic

    Give a big CREDIT to Cold Steel the creator of this funny comic puppetpall z part 1: http://pub6.picturehost.co.uk/puppetpall%20Z%20part%201.JPG puppetpall z part 2: http://pub6.picturehost.co.uk/puppetpall%20Z%20part%202.JPG puppetpall z part 3 4 and 5 can be found at ...
  11. X

    I dont mean to be a Biotch about this BUT (Its a Request)

    ENOUGH VEGETA/GOHAN/GOKOU EDITS PLEASE!!!.... Sorry I had to let it out. People are requesting the same ****. But has anyone bothered to do something else... Like perhaps a Frieza remake! Or a Majinu Buu and Cell edit. You people are only editing the good guys ;( We got SSJ3's, We got...
  12. K


    How do i switch models i go into my esf folder then model then player then i took ou ssj goku mdl the put in ssj3 goku mdl but when i transformed i went to normal sayin not ssj or ssj3 PLEASE HELP
  13. B

    my skins

    Look at my trunks http://www.angelfire.com/droid/jk1/a.jpg http://www.angelfire.com/droid/jk1/b.jpg
  14. Grim`

    Models / clan

    Can You give me some links With models :x And i am in clan db. we are recruiting contact me @ msn [email protected] Thx :x
  15. T

    Question about milkshape

    im in the middle of making that model in the tutorial and i have a problem, when they said put down some vetices(on page 10 of the tutorial) how do i select the vertex again. i tried to goto select then highlight them but it doesnt work and i do have it on vertex in the select buttonO_O
  16. C

    Why not make Super 17?

    I'm wondering why no one seems to have made a Super 17 model for ESF or any other DBZ mod out there. I was hoping someone looking to make more models for the new beta could try out making theese two characters (maybe to replace trunks or something.) And another thing: in Milkshape, I'm having a...
  17. N

    bug ? ore is it me ?

    hi , I downloaded this mod and i installed the mod but when i wanted to play the game it doesn't react :shocked: ! I reenstalled the mod 3 times but still i couldn't play :cry: pls help me , so i can own you all :D greetz
  18. M

    Another Majin Vegeta....

    Well I mae this majin vegeta after i skinned the one i did b4... not copying anyone so bleh.
  19. Ryoko

    Can I get a sig over here please?

    Could someone make me a ryoko or Zero sig? They are both from the anime Tenchi Muyo. If I think the sig is better than the one I made, i'll use it. If not, I won't. No offense meant to anyone who tries and I don't use!
  20. SA_Gohan


    See everybodies favorite short dude here: http://sa_gohan.tripod.com/krillin_beta.jpg he comes in at about 765 poly's if memory serves (me to lazy to make sure right now :) ) l8er
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