1. M

    BUUbies :P

    Yo here is a model of buu that I made lastnight tell me watchu think. But if yo have anything 2 say about the skin then lick my balls cos I used paint bursh.
  2. P

    I need to know!

    How do u make the skin on models expand over the legs or arms if your with me. I mean like cloth follows the body and expands to the movemeny! If anyone knows i can start making models and maybe start making my own mod!
  3. 4xMega-Saiyajin

    hey u mappers!!!

    Well is there a good mapper from u available? I need one!! He should do me a Neo-Vegeta Map (u know this planet from the movie with broly) and i wanne have a map for esf with that and with a poster on which is standing ...
  4. S


    ignore this post I hit the wrong button.....
  5. S

    Sick of Sigs well heres another one!

    Alright how is it?
  6. G

    What do u think of my BEBI SIG??

    Wat do u think?? :no: or :yes: