1. Spunky

    Oh Noes! My Nanotubes :(

  2. Tassadar

    Oh noes... South Park + WoW = ?

    The upcoming tenth season of South Park makes it's debut next Wednesday. The first episode is all about the World of Warcrack. Watch. Discuss.
  3. Cap J

    Oh Noes! :O

    AxMan was brutally murdered by Overlord with a Dictionary! :O I got bored whilst playing Sleuth so I started putting in names of people from here. Out of the 2 games that I remember the victims were AxMan and Security.......and I think Overlord was the murderer both times.... For people...
  4. TRSS


    Hey all been a while since i've posted any work here so i thought id show you all my latest project its a wip head atm but ill probly add in some more details then ill start on the body, this model is actually more of a learning experience than anything else tho...
  5. A

    Oh noes.. It's His bday...

    Oh noes! It's Hsu's birthday. Everybody hide! o/ Happy bday
  6. S

    Oh noes! i dropped my pie :(

    heh, well i got a request from maistro, this is still a wip, anyways, this will be for a sig he wants, lemme know watcha think, oh and btw this is an experiment as well for shading >_< i havent inked in the real world for ages, i no longer have my tablet, so im relying on good old pen and paper...
  7. TehMuffinMan

    oh noes! another open challenge

    the fightclub silence is getting to me! someone calm me down and knock me about for a few posts <:/ /me uses "more serious bio" for the first time D:
  8. TehMuffinMan

    oh noes! shlompness lost! ;O

    gomm.. i needed a much more serious approach to the sig theme as i was seriously fed up of the "the muffin man?" quote, daily.. most annoying, meh, so what do you guys think? teh sekksahness or crits & comments? ;O
  9. N

    Oh noes! My Steam engine exploded :-(

    I downloaded this ESF game for this Steam thing (oh this unspeakable Steam program, it gives me grief) and now it won't let me play! WTF, right? I get this glorious message: E-mail address blacked for my pleasure ;) Does anyone have any idea how to fix this? I certainly would love to...