1. E


    I started doing this kinda style last night, and I have been messing with it today, adn this is what I ended up with.
  2. P

    I was only kidnappt last night

    there was a girl and a drunk man about 18:00clock and she didnt see he took her somewere there i was close...then she screamed like hell she was about 9 or 10 so he was going to **** her then i was looking where they were so when i saw him i jump at him so the girl was running then i...
  3. Escobar


    ey every1, bringing you my latest work what do u guys think.. i may be thinking of putting some time into the color but tell me what you guys think.. bryce 5 + photoshop 7
  4. G

    Kami Map

    Where can I get this KAMI I dont like the one I have is on NIGHT I want this one on DAY not NIGHT.
  5. maxigt

    Ussj Vegeta that will or won't happen

    I made a ussj Vegeta, but my Milkshape 3D has expired, so I couldn't save it. One day I might (finally! YAY!) get the full version. But it may take a while. :cry: Here is what it looked like: <center>Original SSJ USSJ </center> Oh yea, credit to the ESF team, it's the...
  6. xstortionist

    little weapon model i made for hell of it.

    yea..the other night i got a little drunk and I decided to make some type of a weapon model that would be as a staff of some sort. here it is...let me know what u think.
  7. E

    Wolverine WIP

    Hey guys, i thought id do something different than DBZ so i thought id joina marvel mod! even tho i never watch it, they characters seem interesting, anywaym heres the model, its wolverine from xmen, 1412 polys still needs a head and feel, which ill get done asap. (i just saw a...
  8. G

    Last night...

    Last night i had an idea: A new mode for ESF! 1 of the players is very strong an plays against the rest of the players.The other players aren't very strong,but all together can beat him.
  9. A

    My latests.. thing..

    I was just playing around last night because I was board. Made this: Crtiz
  10. D

    My house got papered last night....

    crap...and i just mowed the lawns YESTERDAY! ;( would it be illegal to set it on fire IF i kept it under control? damn gomers.....I swear to god..if i find out that some ugly fat chicks did seriously gonna go on a killing spree. lol
  11. TimTheEnchantor

    Quick update ....

    Alright, I've cleaned up my site, and added a few more userfriendly links etc.. Turns out the host I will have is a old friend of mine from a game I used to play and didn't know it was him till last night, so I'm guarenteed a spot and on wednesday he will have the ftp and site listed on the...
  12. DaKD

    #17 Wip

    heres my android 17 wip i said id make, i know its kinda hard to see on the blk bg but i was lazy and didnt change it:fight:
  13. K

    New siggy. Critz plz

    Dig this.
  14. X

    plzzzzz help, I've been tryin to fix this problem all night

    I downloaded the Beta and when i try to install it, it goes up to C:\Sierra\Half-Life\esf\ESF Manual.swf and then it says Error 1335.the cabinet file '' required for this installation is corrupt and cannot be used. This could indicate a network error, an error reading from the CD-ROM...
  15. S

    Hi- Downloading in the night..

    Hi im new around here ,Hi:) I know that Esf is gettin released at gmt uhh :cry: could u guys paste the url here and ill set up getright to download- i got skool 2moorow. Thx P.s i cant wait 2 c this melee system looks clever ;D
  16. N

    New night fox...

    As you all can see this is still a based sketch I didn't think about what he should look like so much as the crits i got..:fight: LOL.. the crits hurt but i like honesty thanks all! BTW...This is only the fist sketch of the new night fox look.. so please be gental... *PLEASE!!*:\
  17. Big Bang Attack

    Darktooth star lit night

    thats sweet just 3 questions 1) can u select night or day map 2) is this so for every map 3) IS THAT THE MOON cause it looks cool i thought when i first saw it SPirt Bomb because its so bright BUT thats cool
  18. Mastasurf

    Check out the Masta's little color job

    Big Boys can color to!!!!!! I decided to color a little bit last night :0) so here check it out.... <i>click to enlarge</i> <a href=""><img src=""></a><br><br> And here is the original...
  19. D

    Trunks again?

    i dunno, i was bored last night after the game, so there you go a whole hours worth of making neck and skin edits, all by your friendly neighborhood -|DbZ|-Piccolo.
  20. C

    New map idea

    Here's a new map idea, the place where The tree of Might happened.