1. Naz

    What?! Naz makes a sig?!

    Once every 3 months is a good pace I'd say ^_^ Everything in there is made by moi Naz
  2. Deman

    Naz's farewell

    Naz posted this in the staff section of the forum, and after reading over it a second time I realized that he would like it to be pasted here as well.... <hr> Hello fellow mods and admins, It's been a long while since I've been here, the lost 4 months have been very hectic for me...
  3. MinesSkylineR34

    so bored, i made a wp

    how you like them apples? :D
  4. E

    Well My last photoshop drawing for a while...

    Well I am having some problems in My life and I will be leaving the forums but I figured I could show you guys my final photoshop drawing. I will be gone for at least a couple of months but my brother just registered for the forum today (go easy on him guys he dont draw as well as me). Well Here...
  5. |Da|K|

    time machine

    hey guyz i was jus wonderin watcha think of dis poster..? i try to add some depth an tryed to make the beams an **** match da any better then Feel The Light?
  6. |::>sugar<::|


    i have made some art u might like to see :] second one is: soz if there's too much ^^ i havent posted in a long time lol!!
  7. Escobar

    Wogasm Designs

    heres a look at my latest design, i think it came out well, wot do you guys at home think? :p oh btw thanks to naz for the idea of i guess the poster layout and the stars :yes:
  8. Marauder

    City:power of bryce

    well, ive been getting alot of **** from ppl saying that my work is only rendom and ugly... well,they are probaly saying it cause they have something against me...i dont really care -_- anyway...just to show u the power of bryce and the fact that i DONT just make random i made...
  9. X

    what is Bryce?

    well now i have seen so many peeps talking about somethign called Bryce.. what is it? and is it free?
  10. T

    Could be my best work ever ( Wallpaper: This Is Heaven )

    heya all i made this wallpaper i putted all my skills in it for so far i know this is praboly the best i ever did plz rate and comments
  11. A


    They are sorta old, They've been sitting around in my computer for a while so I'm posting then for some crits on how to get better on stuff I haven't already.
  12. J

    Like, totally, a wallpaper

    I made a wallpaper, being inspired by a song by Appleseed Cast, Antihero. Click to enlarge. 1280 x 1024, 210 kb It started out as an attempt at a grunge wallpaper, though that one sucked. I saw it again today, so I decided to update it. It's probably anything but grunge, but who cares...
  13. |Da|K|

    first grunge indy :b

    Hey guyz i'm very proud of my first indy artwork thing.... hope you all like it as well as i do any one see da guy and his sword stuck in da ground??? CRITZ!
  14. TimTheEnchantor

    Quickie update on my new artwork database..

    I have reworked my artwork database on my website. With this new database, you can have a slideshow which fades, snowfalls , blends, shutters, etc in & out of images. I have colorized it, and will be adding more features to it soon. ***Here is my new database...
  15. dudeman

    Serial Expiriment Lain WP's

    ive been watching SEL lately.. and whenever i watch an anime i start making wps of it :) the first one is kinda ****ed by the noise.. i wanted to remove it cuz i didnt like it but it was already too late :cry:
  16. E

    Dimensional Force - Version 2.0

    Just some new thing...
  17. S

    Sig + Wallpaper

    Ive made my first sig and wallpaper with 3dsmax, just click my sig to view the wallpaper, CnC pleez :)
  18. E

    Buu WPaper

    for the hell of it
  19. USJTrunks

    Loneliness - Painting

    Everything is painted except for the grass, in which I used a Photoshop brush.
  20. E

    g0dly Graph-iX

    Well... Naz asked me to post more work of me here too .... so here ya go : And a bigger sig of mine :