1. M

    i need these song names

    i need songs from Dragonball Z: i wan the song name at ending credits when they are showing all the ppl who made it of bardok's father of goku when vegeta is blowing up cuz he wants to kill majin buu when picclo fuses with kamme and says i feel incredible i can do this i can do...
  2. Enix

    Funny City, Town And Street Names

    Post some funny city, town or street names. I was goin down the street today and saw a street called "a street". lol, now i wonder if a mailman would go crazy over that.
  3. D

    dbz names

    i was wondering if the names in dbz were names in english too for example in yuyu hakusho hiei = vincent so what do the dbz names mean in english if they mean anythign anyways
  4. Seph`

    [HD] Clan... Post names here please!

    :devsmile: I need your names for the new [HD] Clan webpage, so leave em here! ^_^ Seph.
  5. Demi-Shadow

    RPG Character Names

    Well, i'm making an RPG (aren't we all..) and i've got to making names. I have a list here I want you all to comment on but feel free to change them and add your own suggestions ^_^ Male Maxim - Ream - Rayne - Sol - Scar - Manic Female Truth - Lore - Mica - Malice - Combo - May Look...
  6. Jimesu_Evil

    King Vegeta: Jimesu_Evil edition

    I just copped a warning for advertising on the other King Vegeta thread, so here's mine. What do you think? Credits to: DC Darkling for the saiyan saga Vegeta model and SS_Vegeta for the cape (buu's cape) Download HERE!
  7. D

    map names!!!!!

    wat are the exact names of maps that u need to enter into the filter box
  8. D

    new map but need 2 things

    i need to place sky clip and i dont know how to do and then ill need a host ps: when i compile the map i only see darknes and thats suxxx soo plz help me and be surprised
  9. Nuttzy

    animating questions

    im doing my first complete model from scratch, (no edit, no parts from my other models, all new skeleton and animations) ive got the model done, all it needs is skinning, which i will do later i was gonna let bob do it, but he ignored it so ill ignore him (jk bob catch me on aim)...

    Clan names?

    Me an my friends at school are starting a clan and i want to know whats better? 1.) =[STyant> 2.) tickle me(some ppl think that that is good) what one?
  11. A

    Character Selection Screen

    Is it possible to change the names at the character selection screen?:laff:
  12. G


    Simply tell us why you chose yor name and what it means, if it has a meaning. -Glenn: From Chrono Trigger, originally Frog for the game, I liked Glenn better because that was his real name. And I really like CT.
  13. J

    Hey is there pre done animations?

    Im wondereing this because im so lazy, and i don't want to animate if i can get a better animation off the internet. If any one know where i can get free walking animations or anything pls let me hear:) :) :) :) :) :)
  14. JDeezNutz

    BoJack Trunks problem

    i downloaded a bojacks trunks model, normal and ssj, i viewed them in HL viewer, i put them in the right trunks folder and everytime i play the game and choose trunks, i see a goku model *default model* shall i rename the to bojack files to trunks and ssjtrunks? if anybody know what is wrong...
  15. DBZFever

    Someone help me wit this drawing

    can someone help me finish this guys legs and hands. If youre going to use him somewhere ask me first, and if its a hentai site your answer is no right now.
  16. Logan4434


    ok....i have a really good idea...i can make an ssj3 gotenks,but for the normal model i wanna do this.i want goten and trunks normal together as the normal would need new animations,i have an idea for trans tho.....for the trans they could do the fusion dance.i need an animater to...
  17. S

    MREL Vegeta GT SSJ and normal

    As my host seems to have problems I'll host it myself (for the beginning) It's a Vegeta GT with SSJ, featuring new gloves and hair, also skin changes, new genbeam anim and genbeam chargesprites (lightbeams and even more lightbeams) inspired by Movie 13. CREDITS: I used Vegetas from other...
  18. S


    Can someone make a ssj2 pack?I would like every character in it and also chibi goku trunks and goten
  19. Mr. Satan

    Map Changes For ESF v1.1b

    I remember hearing from Hibiki and other people on the forums that the current ESF v1.0b maps won't work with [b]ESF v1.1[b], why? Will the entity names change or something?
  20. S

    Great Saiyaman!

    Anyone here know if there is one greatsaiyaman not ssj u know azn dragon,s greatsaiyaman can somebody make him not ssj just blackhaired?