1. P

    the funny names of esf

    EDIT!!!!!!!!!!!! seems this topic now "why r u named like that?" ok so get going :P
  2. Virtigo Seven

    Sonic Team

    All forum members with "sonic" in there names(or other Sonic charicters), join SONIC TEAM heres a sig to add... at Mail me!
  3. D

    need the esf_lagoon.bsp!

    link to the thread please can somone PLEASE host it etc, please!
  4. D

    Names above the person!

    Could the ESF team PLEASE put names above the characters so you know who is who (i mean peoples names not the characters!) like in tribes. that way when you want to PS aomone you can tell if it is them or somone whos gonna kill ya
  5. N

    Stop changing names.

    gF kaioshin/goku jr/ janemba (I missed alot). Plz stop changing your name, every time I talk to you on aim you have a new name, its pretty annoying.
  6. G

    Look at my bebi model

    Look at my bebi model _________________ MADE BY SPIN THANK YOU SPIN! _________________ MADE BY -[gF]-Tien