1. Demonkush

    Demon's Source Mapping

    ESF mildly inspired me to do some mapping of my own the only way I know how ( So far ). I've used the new version of hammer for so long, once I go to use the goldsrc version I feel mildly limited ( I tried mapping for Ragnorok Arena once, that dead sidescroller deathmatch half life mod )...
  2. EndreVanan


    So I was just sitting here, and I thought something. How the hell are the day/night cycles going to work on Namek? With three suns and no night, will the suns just revolve around the map?
  3. Grega

    Animation Sampler & Namek Islands Update

    ESF Proudly presents There are 35+ player models in ESF. Each model requires 200+ animations to bring the character to life. 35 x 200 = ... I'll let you do the math. Needless to say, Darktooth has single handedly made sure that all of the characters in ESF recieve the proper love and attention...
  4. Deathshot

    Vegeta used Final Flash on Namek?

    Well as I was going through all of my old DBZ Episodes, I noticed something. It may not be it, but It sure as hell looks the same, only it is blue, I am guessing due to Namek's color. But watch this and notice how he does his attack.
  5. Ramunas

    [DB:S Namek Saga's WIP] Zarbon

    Hi guys, maybe somebody knows me or not lol. I'm modeler of DBS. I've seen here some nice action going and I think I will be one active user here as well :p. Okay got some model to show lol. C&C are welcomed. ;) drawovers as well lol :D
  6. KidMan

    Super Namek vs. SSJ Goku vs. SSJ Vegeta

    Piccolo (super namek), ssj goku and ssj vegeta get in a 3 way crazy fight. Goku can't go ssj2, nor can Vegeta. Who would win and how/why would they win
  7. U

    what if frieza and cooler were both in namek

    what would happan!? can goku had any chance to win!?
  8. U

    cooler vs ssj goku (namek saga)

    since goku took dawn cooler with his ssj easily but i still wondering what if goku ssj in namek face cooler final form, who will win? PS: since goku attemp to take dawn frieza so hard in namek, i guess that would be a true match with cooler!
  9. webber


    I think this map is finished, except the models, oh and maybe doing something with the r_speeds. Here you go So what do you think?
  10. ace005

    namek, or..not namek?

    OK, so in the namek saga, we learn that all namekians have the same carachteristics right? and that they don't eat, they only drink water.. In DB, Piccolo Daimao(demon king piccolo) is tellin his chef what he likes to eat:| and his "children" don't look like namekians, except for the green...
  11. Basslover722

    Namek. wad?

    Hi ive dowloaded some maps but it says couldn't laod namek.wad. Any help would be great.
  12. U

    Some problem about krillin in namek

    In order that earth dragonball grant the wish and bring everyone who killed by frieza back to life, but why except krillin?
  13. U

    Some problem in namek battle

    In epsode 85. frieza throwed goku to the lava and same time mr popo made a wish at earth. this is the problem. is goku killed and came back to life!? I guess goku was as stronger as frieza.........(in show)
  14. imkongkong

    some more namek?

    something i did in a few hours >_< anyone who wants to make a model or two please contact me! for map props!! <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Free Image Hosting at...
  15. Shuyin

    Goku And Namek's Explosion

    I never knew untill rewatching an episode from the Trunks saga, that Goku had a perfectly good answer for escaping Namek. I know some of you probably already knew, but for those who didn't... (The pod Goku landed in after Trunks killed cyborg Frieza) As you can see, this is one...
  16. KidMan

    Namek dying

    So I thought it would be cool if they made a map of Namek when its beginning to blow up. So the sky would be dark and lighting would hit the gound abunch and there would be a bunch of cracks in the ground and maybe some hot lava. Also I was thinking every once in a while a small peice of land...
  17. imkongkong

    cold steels NAMEK

    woooo a NEW namek map! with water! that looks pretty cool cold, really nice start =p i'd like to suggest keeping the top looking that simple, maybe dead namek bodies near the namek houses =p and in the water make it VERY large and extensive, like how bulma had to use her capsule corp water...
  18. Ravendust

    DBZ Re-dub: Saiyan+Namek Sagas, Movies 1, 2, 3 + more!

    Good news for dub fans, FUNimation are redoing everything done (read: ruined) by Pioneer and The Ocean Group, and are not only redubbing the Saiyan and Namek sagas, but the first three movies too. This will mean the same voice actors will be constant through the entirety of DBZ. On top of that...
  19. T

    The Namek's Return

    Credits: Esf Team. New and cell shaded esf piccolo. Sorry, Humpie posted the rules, no edits of the teams work allowed. You won't get a ban since this isn't a rip, just a disallowed edit. ~Deman
  20. Enforcer ICE

    black suited Vegeta (namek saga) Request ...but i need it for v1.0, not v1.1...

    Delete this post delete this too, i cant, i get this error Fatal error: Call to undefined function: delete_thread() in /home/esf/public_html/forum/editpost.php on line 727