1. T

    New epic orchestral music created by me! I wanted to ask you guys what you think about these songs :D...
  2. C

    ESF Music and Promotional assistance

    I've been composing music in general for many years, under the pseudonym Vysse, and in the following years to the present, Circlerun. My forte is in game/animation/film. I'd like to try and work up the courage to help out, with this community. I've some old and recent BGM that I think works for...
  3. zmaster

    please dont stop the music,oh shit is that a dinosaur

    so will the music player that was in esf1.2.3 be in esf:final will the dinosaur bots still be included
  4. Plakman

    Music genre

    Hi there, I was looking for the music genry of this song: it's free to download mentioned in the reactions (just a side note) But i'm kinda looking for more of that kind of music. I just don't know what to look for. It's the drums that...
  5. Mkilbride

    Judge who beat daughter over downloading music gets his job back.
  6. IceX

    The Epic Music Video Thread

    Point of this thread is that everyone posts a music video that he/she finds epic. This is one I love and I love the "fast pace" in it
  7. F

    iTunes Support

    I thought that it would be a good idea to have in-game iTunes support for ESF: Final so that you do not have to ask Bruce Falconer for his songs, for example we could just BUY the songs and use them in-game. P.S. You could also have windows media player support too...
  8. The Deco

    It is time to change the current mainstream music

    TO PLANET FUNK! I mean, seriously, I don't like the club scene much, but how this funky music was replaced by this...
  9. dbzrogue

    Favorite videogame battle music?

    Bored :V Which are your favorite battle themes in any game? If posting videos, try to put em in a spoiler V:
  10. Damaera

    New Developers - Music Sample & New HUD I'm honestly not sure what to think of the HUD. While it shows that Mutsu has the talent to make a capable HUD, I honestly think it looks too generic. I personally think you guys should go for a more unique design that...
  11. B

    Include Funimation Music In Esf?

    Hi, i was thinking about something here :D I think that Adding Dbz Funimation music to the esf game could make it even more epic. For example when you're summoning the eternal dragon this theme plays. Think about it ^_^
  12. Bandock

    Fanmade DBZ Music Creations

    Starting a thread like this in case I have more fan-made versions of the music from DBZ designed. To start it off, I would like to share a piece ya should recognize from the Japanese (as well as the Digitally Remastered) versions made using a USB-connected keyboard along with Anvil Studio to...
  13. The Deco

    Music: some numbers

    Carry on my wayward son - Kansas First 3 most viewed videos - around around 19 million views Rihanna- whats my name Only first video - 161 million views Led...
  14. H

    Gohan's music during cell junior fight - Need info

    Hey guys... After gohan kills the first cell junior, he then goes down to the other two near krillin, then some music pops up, anyone know the name of it? Every search i do brings up the fast paced gohan vs freeza music. Thanks
  15. H

    Music on transformations in 1.3

    I think we need different talk around here besides "when will esf 1.3 be out devs!!!". I'd just like to know what your going to be doing with the transformation music in 1.3. Example: in 1.2.3 you used the gohan fights freeza/cell theme for his SS transformation in-game. I realize that gohan...
  16. Sicron

    Help finding the name of some music piece

    Recently I heard this piece of music on one of the Fox's Fall Season previews, since then, the movie has been deleted of Youtube by them (obviously..) but I was 'forced' to watch a documentary in class today, and the documentary just happened to include that piece of music as well, a longer...
  17. Sicron

    Need someone with music recognizing skills.

    So, there's this clip of the Fox Fall Season promo's, it has some music on it that I might be able to use for future projects. The thing is, nobody seems to know the title to this music. Here's the clip: Anyone got a clue?
  18. dutchmeat

    Interactive Music System

    Hey, Some time ago, a guy named Marcus Wilkinson has made a interactive music system for Wolfenstein: Enemy Teritory. This interactive music system uses game events to intensify the music. So the harder you're working, the more samples will be added to the music stream. I would love to...
  19. M

    Question about video music!

    Heey there!, I love the way you guys put streets of rage music in your videos! streets of rage has absolutely the greatest composer ever for such an old game ! But I was wondering something. in this christmas FX video...
  20. T

    Hi im making musics with Fl Studio (Software to make music) see if you like it

    heres the last music i posted on youtube: (by the way, the other musics where made with a Virtual guitar and Drums, but the last song was made with a real guitar so it will be more cooler But the guitar is a little laggy XD)