Fanmade DBZ Music Creations

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May 22, 2006
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Starting a thread like this in case I have more fan-made versions of the music from DBZ designed. To start it off, I would like to share a piece ya should recognize from the Japanese (as well as the Digitally Remastered) versions made using a USB-connected keyboard along with Anvil Studio to create the MIDI. I then later converted it through SynthFont to make a nice audio version from the MIDI.

Links (WAV version excluded right now unless ya want a nice copy in WAV form): Music Japanese 2 Test 5.mid Music Japanese 2 Test 5.ogg

The reason why it is Test 5 was because I created four earlier MIDI files of the same piece, though some shorter as well as not as close to the real deal. Took some time to get it close to the real deal. This was also done without any sheet music (which can be found sometimes for even shows). By the way, they were made several months ago.

I should release more in the near future. In the meantime, enjoy. :D

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