1. FreeDoM

    Wanting Aion trial..

    Has anyone been playing Aion for +3 months that can send me a friend request? you could possibly gain a free month, but i want to make sure my PC can handle it before I buy this. [email protected] Thanks =)
  2. sub

    I'll be gone for a few months in protest of me not being an admin

    I'm going to be leaving this forum for a few months as a protest of me not being an admin. I expect tears to be shed and I expect to be crowned admin upon return. As we all know, the only reason that there is order on this forum is because everyone is afraid they're going to be banned by me...
  3. sub

    Decompose plastic in three months? Thoughts?
  4. SS4 Gogeta

    50+ new species found in the last 18 months As far as undiscovered species go, in my opinion, thats not even the thin layer of frost on the tip of the icebergO_O
  5. Optimus Prime

    10 months later... Eddie Murphy is retired :O!

    New sig, it's a snowboard company. Didn't make the image, but it's free promotion, so I doubt they'll mind. Comment, or crit, but it's not like I'll change anything since I didn't exactly make it \o.
  6. -Origin

    First sig in months ;o

    Hell, more like first time I opened Photoshop in months >:F Anyway, crit away.
  7. SaiyanPrideXIX

    After many months, Pride's Framerate troubles finally end

    Other beta testers or friends of mine will know that I often complain about the performance of my video card, versus the level of the game I am trying to play. Things that my card should be able to do with ease (ESF, namely) have erratic struggling framerates, drops as massive as from solid...
  8. K

    Esf must be coming out in 2 months!

    I hate the long waiting for Esf 1.3. It can't be so difficult to make the new Version. Bring Esf in two months out. That can't be that the Mod isn't finished yet its not to difficult to create a mod.
  9. Z

    goku ssj

    this is my goku ssj this is an edit of smo's gogeta stil not wil be done in a couple of days
  10. E

    Underwater Lizard

    I made this underwater lizard + background scene for a challenge at . Took me three days for the lizard and two days for the background. Everything done in maya 4.5. P.S.: I made the model 7 months ago but never posted it here before.
  11. B

    modle makers

    Hi i have been interested in modleing i think its pretty damn cool, seeing the things that people can make. I tried to start my own model but i guess i must of tried milkshape befor because i cant save at all :\ It must of been a long time but i was finally getting a little use to milkshape...
  12. Koren

    Mr.Smos goku

    Smo if your reading this i just wanna know so dont flame me but is your goku out yet cause i would really like to have it
  13. C


    I Want to know if anyone can make A HUGE MAP. IM talking the size (long and wide) of about 6 RiverSides. I know this would take a Very long time but make it like 6 areas. For example 1st area: Grasslands/Or Gokus House 2nd area: Mountains (include caves and geros lab if you wish) 3rd...
  14. NeLo


    Hey guys its me again. Im posting here cuz i have no idea how to get a hold of some modelers. Either they dont respond back or their mailbox is full. So im sry for the umm spam i guess. But i need an SSJ6 Goku to be made. Yes i know ive requested it like almost 5 months ago or longer. But since...
  15. Sicron

    Just something i made dunno what it is

    Well this is my first thing from photo shop dunno what it is lol i just messed with it well here is the "thingy" also i wanna ask something, some of you ppl make a bg and then u put a "transparant" goku or gohan in it, but how do u make them transparant?? ow and also, u guys always...
  16. B0Bmaster40000

    Immortal - Coming soon!

    <center> More than what it appears to be, this arena is not for the faint-hearted -- or the tamer computers. The size will push the limits of Hammer. The detail will challenge your 3D card. The game-play will put your l33tness to the test. B0B_Immortal Coming soon! Can you handle...
  17. Mr. Satans

    Valve Hammer Editor v3.5b & ESF

    The beta version of Valve Hammer Editor v3.5 has some nice new features, and I was wondering if there is an updated .fgd for viewing models n stuff.
  18. SSJ n00b

    look me gsm non ssj

    if u think azn sended me this model nope i edit self
  19. BlackVashAngel

    Estimated date of release~from like....4 months ago

    Ok, i just got really annoyed at the people posting and posting and POSTING all their 'when is 1.1 comin out?' threads....well...remember around 3~4 months ago there was an article on how the team said something that they HOPED it would be released sometime in APRIL, or MAY or even june...
  20. TimTheEnchantor

    Tim's Drawing Thread

    Alright some of these images I need to redo, but these were from the year 2000 and dbz pics were back in 6th-8th I'll upload them, I will reupload some of these, I had to take pics using a digi cam so the alignment on some is bad..especially the mecha, because...