1. MinioN

    ESF 1.3 - goku "monkey"

    I dont know if you made it but if not plz made FULL mOOn and Goku gorrila(like:Goku comes on 80.000.000-100.000.000 PL and then transforms in Gorilla with only Kame hame and to be with 10000 HEalth((Invisible)):shocked: :shocked: :shocked: )
  2. MinioN

    ESF 1.3 - goku "monkey"

    I dont know if you made it but if not plz made FULL mOOn and Goku gorrila(like:Goku comes on 80.000.000-100.000.000 PL and then transforms in Gorilla with only Kame hame and to be with 10000 HEalth((Invisible)):shocked: :shocked: :shocked: )
  3. D

    I wanna be a bigass Monkey!

    Methinks it would be cool if when something happened, like trying to transform too early, then you would turn it to a giant monkey with mouthblast, and in order to kill him you gotta attack him from behind... thatd be crazy... he should be able to pick up cars and crap like frieza but not with...
  4. K

    Metal Monkey Muffin Man

    I've been gone for a while. And just a while ago I felt like making some dumb model and this is what I've come up with. It's the almighty Metal monkey Muffin man. This is actually my first model I made starting from scratch. and offcourse crits are welcome. Oh right, don't forget to pay...
  5. Pieter Paul Rubens

    Look at the little red monkey :o Just.. Brilliant :O
  6. PsychoUSJ

    Monkey Island Series

    who knows it? i love this games:) Especially Part 1 and 2 The Thrid one was really good,too but it was too easy too beat and some characters weren't realised as i imagined i hate part 4 it was just a blocky 3d trash with bad textures... what do you think about monkey island?
  7. Darkside

    Monkey vs. Monkey

    would bubbles or oozaru win
  8. S


    In the first season of DBZ when Vegeta fought Goku he threw an artificial "moon" in order to transform to a monkey. What Iam suggesting is that in the maps there should be an item that gives you the power to create this "moon" and thus transforming you into a monkey. Obviously you would be...
  9. T

    Monkey of destruction suggestion

    In some shotting games I have played there are sometime a helpless monkey to be kill, and the object of the game is to kill it. But of course they can change back and another turns into a monkey. But with my idea, one of the characters turn into the huge monkey in DBZ with the abiltiy to kick...
  10. S

    little monkey trouble...

    whazzup plp, i made an oozaru model and a soundpack for it, but in game the sounds wont work for some reason... I just replaced new oozaru sounds for the goku sounds. does anyone know how to fix this? :confused: P.S: after i got it fixt i am gonna release the Oozaru/Golden Oozaru pack...
  11. T

    Dragon Ball : Last Bout.... Goku

    heres the battle damaged non ssj goku for dragon ball last bout mod ( if anyone is interested) tell me whatcha think, after this there will be ssj version then non battle damaged versions ill post them here too... and if u cant read the pic, skin by me, model by gjohn or aka [J]...
  12. V'

    Spank thy monkey and Spank thy monkey hard. Oh what else did you think I ment?:]
  13. K

    Big monkey thingy & ssj4 crap?

    I think the monkey thingy is crap & is just annoying. Also I think ssj4 looks ***, it should be like normal ssj transformations instead of the monkey thingy n the hair should be white or sumthing. tell me what you think
  14. G

    Vegeta Model

    I just finished this model, I like it but it will probably never be released by me. I tried skinning him but failed. (It looks better this way lol) Well, I still want to see him skinned so anyone who wants to skin him just pm me. (I'm not going to make a skin map.) You can then get it into esf...
  15. N

    Vegetto finished

    Hi all, sorry for taking so long, but life gets busy so it took me a while longer than i hoped to get everything ready. Well anyway, the good news, is that the model is up for download here: It includes the model in several different formats, and 2...
  16. T

    which ssj3 vegeta should i made?

    which ssj3 vegeta should i make? *edit*-no way am i making the bottom one with the huggggge hair
  17. D

    Monkey form, After images, etc..

    I've posted too much already I feel, but this is my last batch of suggestions: 1) Teleport should look more like horizontal lines then someone running in snow 2) Saiyan secondary transformation: Ape mode (Vegeta and Gokou can cast Artifical moonlight and cause all...
  18. Majin_Saiyajin

    New Vegeta Model

    I don't know if anyone else has noticed... but there is one little thing that could be fixed on the vegeta model for the new beta version of esf. :rolleyes: The crack between vegeta's legs go up past the shading of his crotch. It sort of makes him look like a chick ;) :p In addition, 'even...
  19. [RAW]Fusion


    my new map, its a large map that takes up all of worldcraft and ppl who map will know thats quite large. its currently for dmz as you can see and is in the early stages and is no-where near done yet when the map is finished and the new version of esf is out i will make an esf convertion
  20. S

    The Monkey From Ff9

    Yep, most of you know him. He goes by the name of Zidane, You know him the one with the tail? :D Without further ado here he is! Details: Drawn By: Spitfire Colored In By: Spitfire & IcyTiger Feedback please! :)
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