1. M

    need crits...novice models

    I'm new to modeling and I just created a site with some samples of something I'm working on. It's half finished but I know that there are things I can do to make them better. Tell me what you think. Mr Hyde - Self Proclaimed Modeler
  2. Guru_San

    A Request for all Modelers!

    Hey guys, would ANYBODY be able to model a Samurai guy for me? i have but one pic of him. Its the red one from RPG Makers 2k. in the RTPe monsters file. I Will come back on l8er with pic G-S
  3. L

    Trunks Hair

    Hopefully this will help, you guys don't know how to improve the hair for the trunks model. Here is a screenie of trunks from the sos mod for q3. It looks pretty good the way they did the hair. Edit: This model was done by Ultimate SS on the SOS mod for q3.
  4. fatmanterror

    My Second model Vegetto

    this is my second model and skin, the head i just modified my ssj goku head because it was about perfect already, well tell me what u think, am i gettin better or worse?SSJ Vegetto
  5. xstortionist

    Basemodels for Da beginners and Learners!!!!!!

    I've had some spare time on my hands so I thought I would make a basemodel for everybody that was interested in learning 3D modeling or anybody that was a beginner and wanted to use the model as a reference to look at while modeling. I encourage everybody that wants to learn 3D modeling to look...
  6. D

    Models To skin

    Hi, I was wondering if any modelers out there would like me to send me a skin map of their models to skin...... it would be great, because i want to improve me skills even better! Plus my drawing skills suck but my computer skills are awesome!(Still not the best)
  7. 4xMega-Saiyajin

    Modeler/skinner/mapper needed

    Hey guys , the -=SSJ-Project=- is searching some modeler/skinner/mapper and maybe a 2d artist for making some pics ! We have made some SSJ8´s and We wanne make everyone like "Bebi" (u know Bebi-Vegeta) but we need modeler and skinner for that, now we just have one guy for that , so if u r...
  8. ZuL

    A question for the ESF modelers...

    When you guys make your models, do u model so the animator(s?) have less trouble animating? I will show u what i mean... Do u model like this?: I_I I_I I I Or this?: I I I_I I I Let's say both these "pictures" is a leg. When you put bones on the second one, it doesnt look...
  9. X

    What 3d Animation program is used?

    Hey all, I am going to try and get into 3d Animation this summer, but I wanted to know which program was used to make the models. I think all of them are very beautiful, and very well done, is it Bryce or Lightwave? Not Maya is it? Thanks, XerosolutioN AKA-HyA_TheHacker
  10. imported_Mirai_Trunks

    quick question for modelers

    Any of you use maya to model? and if so how do you esport it to like 3dsm or halflife format or something other than maya? thanks
  11. SS_Vegeta

    Modelers of the world unite!

    With the loss of Vassago and Joe as major modeling figures on the team, I am seeking some assistance. All modelers who feel their work is up to par should email, PM, or IM me. My email address is and my AIM handle is HereticJiisu666. Once you contact me I will present you with...
  12. R

    vegeta head!

    vegeta head,just finished it gimmwe some feedback
  13. S

    are all the models here gonna be remodeled?

    are all the models here gonna be remodeled coz they arent any good and the anims are really bad
  14. D

    Janemba model beta

    here's my janemba model. it took me about a day to make it. i used milkshape and the polycount is around 1300 (will be lower). the arms will also be a little shorter. and ofcourse there will be some feet. What needs to be improved except for these things ?
  15. D

    I Need Mappers!

    i need modellers for my clan {-:DBL:-} if you can model and are good email me at or go to our site at {-:DBL:-} Clan Page
  16. D

    Hey can i join as a modeler ? just tell me which one

    If you guy's tell me which model i should make i'll do it. and i should have it ready in a few day's. If possible give me a character that's hard to model so you can see my skills. and if you like it can i join ? ( no i will not join any other mod than ESF ) Please contact me on MSN ...
  17. G

    Any Modellers Come Here Ok

    Hey the gf clan need modelers and skins well im me at ttaimmaisshu ok tanks
  18. G


    ANY MODELERS WANNA JOIN THE -[gF]- CLAN! PLZ JOIN MY AIM IS TTAIMMAISSHU OR MY ICQ IS 140916504. _________________ MADE BY SPIN THANK YOU SPIN! _________________ MADE BY -[gF]-Tien _________________