1. Reading Rainbow

    Misc Questions

    shootin' from the hip again 1) Homing ball?? In the ESF Play Test footage there is a homing ball, I had read that there was talks about removing this feature however I rather much like it, where do you guys stand on this now? 2) Mid-Air Detonation: This is a silly question but can...
  2. Reading Rainbow

    Misc. Suggestions

    Shootin' from the hip here. Aura Color: would an option for different aura colors be out of the question? I think the default white aura is appropriate because its seen throughout the entire series but being able to choose a default aura color like White/Purple/Red/Blue would be a nice perk...
  3. S

    swoop problems..grrr, ad a misc question

    I don't know if anyone has experienced this problem, and this gets very annoying, but sometimes my swoop just won't start regardless of what direction I press. (up, down, left, right, forward, back) It's not just one time, it just stps working for an extended period of time. (like 3-5...
  4. Enix

    Misc. skinning tutorials

    Thought i would start a thread on this ;o. I made a tutorial for gir and I thought someone around here could use it. Its just on how i make basic bandages,it's not the most indepth tut, but it might help: If you want me to make some more just post area you want me to make, this will be a...
  5. Vejimaru

    Misc Model

    I'm a newb modeller, and the base structure in this model was premade (by my friend), and I just added polys and skinned it. Its supposed to be something like a vamp.
  6. N

    Misc. Animation [killer]

    Genryu’s Blade For those of you who have yet to watch this great flash animation, please do. I watched this not but a few minutes ago and I am still breath taken. The characters are awsome and the animation considering it's flash is very impressive. Overall I give it a 9/10 (voice acting...
  7. N

    Katana man by Nicho

    Hey guys, drew another picture just for fun, hehe. Click Here! Crits/Comments plz.. Thanks Please also feel free to cheak out my new site ' Generic Studios 'here.
  8. W

    ESF Model Skeletons

    I decompiled the Gohan model to take a look at the skeleton. I must say, its a tad, uh, bulbous. Do you modelers out there actually use the big skeleton as a reference base or do you make your own for the model?
  9. Warrior_Elite45

    Any Ideas For A Map?

    Can someone give me an idea for what they think would be a cool map? Keep in mind it should be fairly easy to make. I wanna make somethin you guys will like, so I want your opinion. Thanks.
  10. I

    I got 2 Human dragonball fight movies for yooo!

    Hello!!! haven't been posting here for some L000000NG time ESF you guys are making some freakin awsome **** man!:D anyways I was playing with my camera and with martial arts scenes, so i thought ..maybe i can put dbz in the fighting scenes.. And make it look like dbz as much as possible...
  11. Demi-Shadow


    Do I need to have a skeleton for my model? I don't intend on animating it.. (I hope someone will be kind enough to help with that ;)) If I send the model when it's finished (long time lol) to an animater would he make a skeleton? or, can someone explain how to make/edit the skeletons to fit...
  12. X


    hey pleaz post about if you know a really good site whee you can get cool Fonts.. http://www.flashkit.com/fonts/ http://www.acidfonts.com/
  13. F

    ESF Misc.

    A couple things, why doesnt my beams work in ESF? None of them work at all. The characters look unfinished and it doesnt look that great. It may be my video card I'm not sure but it may be something else. One other thing just to know when can you get SSJ and how do you do it thanks for anyone...
  14. C

    Misc bug stuff: 1st/3rd lock, charge bar, unintended explosions, teams, etc etc

    First and foremost I want to establish that I'm a relative newbie to this; I downloaded the mod less than a week ago, but I really enjoy it. Its cool, its interesting, but it does have some bugs, and i'll put down some info on the ones ive been seeing. (yes I looked at your 'known bugs' list...