1. J


    hello how is every one going i am starting a Mirc chat sight for Mirc channil Mirc is a chat sight lick icq for everyone that has mirc the channil is quick net random server and the name of the channil is #boomshakalaka cant wait to see u there
  2. M


    How do I chat on mIRC? Nvm Found it out.
  3. Phobius

    Phobius` Guide to mIRC.

    Before you read and connect to the Earths Special Forces IRC Channel you must agree to the disclaimer below. IRC Channel Disclaimer: The Earth Special Forces Forum and IRC Channel are independent and have their own set of rules to follow. - Make sure you listen to the Channel Operators. They...
  4. M

    What's wrong with mIRC?

    Im trying to access the help chat (#esf-help) and it says that my adress is banned and I did nothing wrong, i mean this was my second time that I was entering the chat to ask a question.And on the first time, no I did not do "idling".Btw, Im tryin to update my Half life mod.The instalation says...
  5. Phobius

    mIRC channel #ESF and the word F*CK

    This is my little rant towards this bullsh*t. I've been coming too these forums since 2002 and the irc channel and never have I been banned for using the word F*CK. Now I heard their was some little punk @ss kid who got offended because the word F*ck was used in IRC. Well my complaint about that...
  6. G

    MIRC Prank Call!!!!!!

    This is the funniest prank call i have ever heard i think everyone should here this lol. http://www.optic5gaming.com/jackal-bestprank.mp3
  7. Snow


    (19:53:57) -SecurityServices- We will be validating your network access in a few moments... Please don't be alarmed if you notice a couple connections on your firewall (from securityscan.enterthegame.com) during this scan. I get that anytime i try to connect and it doesnt got any further, i...
  8. SSjGohan12345

    mIRC help

    On mIRC i connect to the esf chat room and it says "#esf Cannot send to channel" every time I try and say anything, can anyone help to fix this? thanks
  9. T

    mIRC Help!!

    ok i had mirc a few times when i had my email. Now does it remember the nickname you had on that email? If so how do you bypass it, and or recover it? If it doesnt, then how do you go about picking a nickname? Explanation in full detail...
  10. nemecj05

    OPs in the mIRC chats are abusing there power!!

    i was recently in the chat just simply talking and they totally started flaming @ me for no reason and al i ddi was ask if anyone wanted to be a map makler for my clan, i was banned for simply talking to people they were harrasing me and if something isnt done i will personaly talkt o the maker...
  11. X

    Can I get on mIRC w/o having it?

    I remember some web-sites had some java-chat rooms that would take you through mIRC Servers. just saying this cause I want to get on the #esf channel but im at the college and I cant download any programs on their comps :p
  12. P


    Not working for me anymore. Why. Simple -_-
  13. Z

    New Vegeta .. WIP

    Well, I thought I'd make my own Majin Vegeta, Since I love him :) .. Here's my WIP .. I'll be Done TOmorrow :P .. The modell credits go to Turk If I remember correctly, Only the skin is mine, the skinmapps are still ESF's privat thing . lol . What u guys think so far ?
  14. U

    mIRC Connection Help

    I just d/l mIRC but i am having problems connecting in the beginning, i have a router with a built in firewall. Do i need to change the ports of mIRC? any help is appreciated
  15. U

    mIRC Connection Help

    I just got mIRC and I can't connect to anything, I have a router with a built in firewall I am wondering if that is the problem. Any help given is appreciated Thanks
  16. Loki

    mIRC Question

    Uh just a quick question, today when I tried to joined the channel it said '#esf unable to join channel (address is banned) I am on the gamesnet server and it was all working fine last night. What teh do?
  17. A


    They are sorta old, They've been sitting around in my computer for a while so I'm posting then for some crits on how to get better on stuff I haven't already.
  18. Z

    mIRC Script

    ESFirc is a script for mIRC, it requires mIRC 6.03 It works with cs/dod retail If you don't have mIRC you can use that standalone version http://mrocha.free.fr/esf/ESFirc.exe Wanna look what it can do ? http://mrocha.free.fr/esf/Screens/ Current Version: 1.08 ESFirc1.08.zip To...
  19. Mr. Satans

    ~ Big Head Model Pack ~

    This is VERSION 1!! The download will be on RED SAIYAN when I can get ahold of SPiN. KNOWN PROBLEMS: > Arms go into head when blocking (not all models) > Buu's "horn" gets Xtremely fuct when doing CANDY ATTACK > Super Imperfect Cell's chin is messed. > Krillin's face (both models) is...
  20. Z


    what is the login stuff 4 the irc server of esf?
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