Phobius` Guide to mIRC.

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Before you read and connect to the Earths Special Forces IRC Channel you must agree to the disclaimer below.

IRC Channel Disclaimer:

The Earth Special Forces Forum and IRC Channel are independent and have their own set of rules to follow.

- Make sure you listen to the Channel Operators. They control the conduct in the channel at all times and have the right to kick or remove you from the channel if you're being disruptive. Channel Operators will be indicated with an @ next to their name.

- Rules are the same as that of the forum Acceptable Use Policy click here for link AUP.

- No excessive use of colors and please do not flood the channel with mindless text.

- If you're doing something wrong or that you're not supposed to be doing, and told by a channel operator to stop, make sure you listen to him/her or it can result in a kick or even a ban depending on the severity of the problem.

- If you're having a problem in the channel feel free to private message one of the Channel Operators. They would be happy to assist you.

Channel Operators:
- Damaera
- harSens
- Cucumba
- FF|Skyrider
- Majin_You
- Deverz
- grOOvy
- Hibiki
- Karrde
- Magus
- Ready
- Torlon
- Deman
- Arthos
- core|Greenberet
- Dalte89
- Grega
- Synth
- Prozac

Connecting to IRC via mIRC:
If you understand IRC, simply connect to port 6667, and /join #esf .

Downloading and Installing mIRC:
The first thing you will want to do is download an IRC client. mIRC is one of the longest running and most successful IRC clients, so I will use that as an example. Once you have downloaded mIRC you need to install it. You can download the client at

mIRC is distributed in a self-extracting file that will unzip and install the program in either a default location, or a location you specify. You will need no external programs to complete the installation. Once you have successfully downloaded the file onto your computer you must open it and installation will begin.

Installation will begin with a suggested installation location. This will do fine. Once you tell it "OK" the installation will complete. Piece of cake!

Running and Configuring mIRC for the First Time:
Double click the mIRC Icon. The first time mIRC is run it will show the "Options" dialog box. You will notice a tree-like system on the left side of the box. On the right, there are some boxes for you to fill out:

- Full Name: Just enter your first name here, that is good enough.

- Email Address: Guess what? Your email address goes here.

- Nickname: This is the name that you want displayed to everyone else in IRC. This is what they will see when you join the channel and speak.

- Alternative: This is like a secondary nickname. If someone already has the name you chose in the first box, mIRC will automatically select this one.

- Invisible Mode: Go ahead and select this option for security reasons.

Next, go to the tree view on the left and select "Servers" from the "Connect" menu. This will bring up a new screen of info on the right. There is only one item that needs to be changed here:

- IRC Network: Click the down arrow on this drop down box and scroll almost to the bottom. Select "GameSurge" from the choices there. If its not there click add then put this in.

- Description: GameSurge
- Irc Server:
- Port: 6667 (Should be default anyways)

The next item we need to change is in the "Options" sub-menu of "Connect". Again, this opens a new list of options on the right:

- Connect On startup: This one is up to you. Either mIRC can connect to the server as soon as you open it, or you can tell it to connect manually. Go ahead and select this option for now, you can change it later if you don't like it.

- Reconnect on disconnection: This will force mIRC to automatically try to reconnect to the server should you be disconnected for any reason. You can select this option as well.

The next two boxes can be left the way they are. Also, leave the "Default Port:" option alone, it should be set to 6667. Now click "Perform". This will open a new window altogether.

Registering with GameSurge:
You will not be able to register VIA mIRC you will need to fill out a form on their webpage which can be found Here . The form should look something like this.

- Account Name: Bleh (Its your choice what it is but don't use something common because its probably already taken)
- E-Mail Address: [email protected]
- Confirm E-Mail: [email protected]
- Human Input Validation: Could be anything this time it generated "engine" for me
- Word in Box Above: engine

You should recieve an e-mail that looks something like this Click Here

- Enable perform on connect: The perform file is a list of commands that you force mIRC to run every time you connect to either a specific network, or any network. Select this option as we are going to tell mIRC to connect to the ESFZone channel automatically.

- Network: Scroll through this drop down box and select "GameSurge".

- Perform Commands: Type the following information into this box:

/authserv auth AccountName PassWord
/join #esf

The First line tells mIRC that you want to authenticate to your specified account without having to type that command everytime you join GameSurge.

The second line tells mIRC that you want to join the channel #esf as soon as you connect and identify. Go ahead and click "OK" in this window.

If you want to add more channels to your auto join simply follow this step.

/join #esf, #esfhelp

Our Channels:

- Main Channel: #esf is the main chat channel used on IRC and that?s where you will meet fellow users, moderators, administrators and the team members/developers.

- Help Channel: #esf-help is the main help channel used on IRC. This is the place you can go if your having any problems with the Earth Special Forces mod. This channel has its own set of rules and must be followed as well.

You should now have IRC successfully configured and should have basic knowledge on how we run things in those channels. If you experience any problems feel free to leave me a private message and I will try to get back to you as soon as I can.
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