1. T

    Metro is off again again

    Hey guys, well the time has finally come. Im going to college. Its pretty weird I though I would never make it but I did. At 5am tommorrow morning Ill be off to my new home. Im moving to Ft. Lauderdale Florida. I will be attending The Art Instistute of Ft. Lauderdale. And what major you might...
  2. G

    Ned's Vegito Model

    This can be spam and i'd like this to be Q&A CLOSED but i wanna know: What's the deal on the Ned Art Vegito model?? You can't download it anywhere, but its soooooo great. Don't flame me i want awsers only not flames telling me i'm stupid for asking.
  3. Wolf

    Happy B-Day Metro!!!!

    Happy B-Day Metro-tek, every one post somthing saying happy b-day to Metro ^_^
  4. Rajikk

    A good name

    Hey could someone come up with a decent name for a character this is really serious nothing stupid just a good name for a character I'm making. I'm terrible at coming up with names.
  5. Koren


    Please for the love of all that is holy does anyone have a model better then the skinnt one or the fat one i want superbuu or kid thats it please someone help me here
  6. Skinnerfool

    Reskin Of Vegeto

  7. NightShade

    Make us gothic people proud :)

    Metro edit a model for me i wanted to show you all. i am very happy with it. <html> <img src=""> For a thug metro you sure do gothic well :P
  8. R@!D3R

    Metro-Tek's Sig

    Wow... This one took like 2 hours. I hope you all love it :) Color is a little different but I liked it. Well?
  9. DaKD

    DaKD's sigs

    heres my sig thread i jsut started makin em today(crits plz)
  10. Es_Trunks2

    PSD to BMP

    how do i make a adobe photoshop image be a BMP (PSD:notice: BMP) its already itno indexed colros now how do i make this a BMP image? **EDIT** Hey plz dont move this to fanart or artwork it isnt its about skinnin so dont close/move this mods :p
  11. S

    ssj krillin

    can someone make a ssj krillin for me? if you make one dont take too long please
  12. Demi-Shadow

    Aura pack - Help needed

    Ok.. as a few of you may know, i've been working on an aura pack for the current version with some improvements. I have tried a few different techniques but I still can't figure out how to add to the current aura. Here's a list of ideas I would like to add, if anyone knows how please post...
  13. G

    Gotenks Model Release

    I know you probably thought this was the Gotenks model for release, but its not. I-WANT-GOTENKS! And I was wondering, because hardly anyone looks at the fourteen'th page of "when is Gotenks coming out?" So I want to know when will it come out?
  14. T

    Nappa WIP

    well its a bunch of esf models and skins put together and so far im going on a hour probabbly will be done tommorw i might put a schouter on him and for his trans give him no amor,,, i dont take any pride in this cause its mostly all not mine... im just doing it for the fans and i love nappa...
  15. T

    Crack Killz *CG*

    yea another little thing i did.... took me like 40 mins or some****... im going to make some more and post them when i got the time.... my inspiration was my herion attik uncle....
  16. T

    Tattoo design.. CG art*

    Yea well i design tattoos and my boy wanted me to design something different for him,this is my first design.... (took 4 hours to complete)
  17. Cold Steel

    about the freeza form 2 model

    Yo metrotek your model looks great (here comes the but),but his head is to thick and the horns should go a little more to the sides before they go up.and those shoulder plates should be a little bit more on top of his shoulders instead of on the sides owk???For the rest i tink the model...
  18. T

    a request from everyone

    well im modeling a form 3 freeza and i need pics plz post them on here.... and bruno make this a stick since i lost my powers
  19. M

    New Weapon Model for something or other

    Ok here is a sword I did the other night. If I animate it I will also animate the ribbon things on the end there which would be extremely fun to do (*sarcasim*) But it will be a good thing to do, to get my brain working.
  20. T

    DBAF trunks wip

    yea i still gotta tweak alot and add a head but what do you guys think so far.... it should be fully skinned and animated but next weds..