1. J-Dude

    Rigging: Smooth Movement of mesh; a little help?

    In a character creation process, rigging is always the worst demon. While getting characters to move is easy enough, doing it so the mesh follows properly is is a dreadfully taxing issue that seems to have no true solution. I know I'm probably a greenhorn to rigging in most respects, but the...
  2. C

    Need a smaller example of a blended mesh than tiny.x

    I'm trying to understand how to have my DirectX program generate a blended mesh for saving to an x file. (I'm exporting from another format.) However there's no tutorials on creating and saving them only loading existing ones. Would any of you guys have a VERY simple blended mesh as a .x file...
  3. Kama

    I think it's called a mesh modifier...

    I'm not really sure what the term is, but hey, the title got your attention. My suggestion is basically to add a bit of spice and life to give ESF a more animated and actual dbz anime feeling ingame. It plays the role of animating faces in-game by switching them in certain...
  4. NinJa HunteR

    Question About 3dsmax.....

    The question is... Can i model for ESF with 3dsmax 4.2 ? Thx in advance
  5. DaKD

    Vash the Stampede WIP

    Updates below
  6. Nuttzy

    help me, editing animation smds

    quick question about animating in milkshape, well, i can model and skin, i can get stuff in game by assigning new models to old skeletons, but when you decompile a mdl and you have all the animation smds, how exactly do you go about editing those to different animations, my guess...
  7. Rajikk

    Gmax vs Milkshape

    Ok can some people show me milkshape models and gmax models just want to see the difference in quality
  8. T


    Umm, how do you open pk3 files? or even skin it ; like do you use Adobe Photoshop or something?
  9. Wangster

    a question.

    i am a starting modeler, and i would like to ask how to make my shape 3D, i use milkshape, when i import a background in the front view and make the verts and faces, then i have this flat thing, so my question is, if i make the other sides with verts en faces, will the head be 3D??
  10. D

    veggeto skinned

    Hi i skinned the veggeto model of ned. i used it for practising
  11. SSj_Gotenks95

    Johnny Model

    I think we should make a model of Johnny from Johnny the Homicidal Maniac. That would be really cool anybody willing to make it I will help as much as possiible.
  12. Eon

    MAGUS MODEL! (eventually) FOR ESF!

    Alright a good modeler that I have asked said he would give a shot to make a non dbz model (Magus ^_^) for esf, sprites and a sound pack are planned out for it, once the modeler is not busy, things will be worked out for it, also, a skinner is needed for the model, so any help is accepted...
  13. Twilight

    ssj3 Vegeta

    Could anyone get a bunch of images of Vegeta, ssj3 gotenks, and ssj3 goku and then just mesh/doctor up the image to make a near exact pic of what ssj3 Vegeta would look like? I know it could be done, but I just cant do it myself
  14. S

    the size DOES matter...

    nice title eh? :) i was wondering...the CS model is way bigger than the ESF model. so how do i turn my future-to-be model the right size? (im using the gsg9 skeleton)
  15. F

    Mr Smo

    Can someone answer me something? I see all these wonderful and amazing models and I think to myself....these are fine and dandy but are they able to replace models in ESF or are they just made for us to look at??!?!?!?
  16. saiyanslayer

    Fear Effect graphics

    how hard would it be to make the models look like the ones from fear effect?? i think it would add a uniqueness 9even though it's an idea taken from another game) to esf to have the models like that. Whatcha think?
  17. R

    Too many modifiers! (Skin help)

    I'm skinnig, using 3ds max 4... Okay after I set one uvwmap and a uvw unwrap, you have edit save etcetc... I'm sure you would want to save it right? as the uvw for that part... also... After I'm done skinning something I have about a bagillion modifiers! Such as edit mesh, edit mesh, edit...
  18. xstortionist

    New model for a mod I am making.

    check it out. Its going to be a race car mod. its going to be kinda futuristic.