1. FalconFury

    A new background for the menu?

    I was about to tell you guys about it but are you guys going to make a GIF background for the menu? Like the water flow and a Namek background, sun shine, trees, house and stuff? I just want it to look a little bit more interesting.
  2. krzyhox

    Game menu

    HiI have an interesting suggestion what you to so that the diet of the game is movable this way as in cry of fear
  3. Sicron

    Chrome bookmark menu help

    Okay, so apparently my Google Chrome updated itself to the latest version, but now the width of my bookmark dropdown menu is the same size as the longest bookmark title I have. Which is nearly my entire screen. Does anybody know a fix to this? I couldn't find anything, and I don't want to change...
  4. Slofreak

    Character Selection Menu Suggestion

    i was thinking of ingame menu when your selecting charaters. First camera is showing all the characters on one map, some being far away some closer some on the left some on the right and doing stuff like goku streaching, Vegeta is turned away from the view being a badass lol, buu is i dunno...
  5. Slofreak

    Water Effect and Main Menu Suggesion

    hihi Slofreak here! Finally i am able to post here, i dunno why i wasn't allowed but anyways. This is a suggestion for the new Esf 1.3. It whould be cool when you fly close to the water, the water whould ripple and spray, like when jet fighter flys fast close to the sea :D here is a little...
  6. S

    Theme song

    I wanted to ask, where can I find DBZ theme songs? Like the one used on the ESF menu, that one is epic, I tried to google it, but the first one had broken links, the other were Burst Limit songs.
  7. G

    No menu in game.

    First of all, Hi. Second - my problem. So, i have all done and installed ESF. But there is a problem - i start game, and in game there is no menu. Like, no radar, no showing of PL, hitpoints, no nothing. Just standing character. Version 1.2.3. Maybe there is command or something is broken in my...
  8. A

    More Characters, other Choose Menu, More Transformations!

    Helly, It's me Again ^^. I thin ESF 1.3 is a very Special think, it's important that it's gonna be Very Good. I've downloaded 1.2.3 again with ECX RC 2 and i was very suprised. There is so many Content which is missing in 1.3 and must realy be added. The Characters must be all have More...
  9. nemix12

    ESF Menu / Shine EFFECT??

    so i want to change my esf menu skin and id like to add this shine effect in esf how can i do that??
  10. H

    Block main menu (chosing teams menu)

    Is there any way of blocking the main menu, when people chose the team and the character ?
  11. nemix12

    ESF Menu

    hi i want to change my esf menu but dunno how :( well i have this and in cs 1.6 i have this menu i want to copy some files from cs and paste them in esf so i have the cs 1.6 transparent grey menu but dunno what files
  12. Locomotion

    Menu Bug Report

    Hi guys, Locomotion here... I've think i found a menu bug. You see i've downloaded a few gohan custom models at esf-world, i've put them all in the right installation they al work, but now when i have 5 custom models they don't all appear on my menu.. i'll show you.. Picture 1...
  13. john_volkov

    sugestion for character menu

    the new character menu sould be like this . When you chose Goku and you have 3 other custom models , other Goku's on the map will look like the Custom models and the custom models will repet them self if there to many it will be verry cool
  14. acira

    character menu

    why is my character menuy like this: and not like this: i've tried everythink that i can think of but still nothing it is still the same :(
  15. .Maze

    Model choosing possible in Escape menu.

    Hi there. I dunno if its an important and need-to-fix bug but anyway. When you have the Model choosing screen open (the new flashy one). And you go into the Escape menu where you can choose search new servers or configuration etc... you still see your char there and you still are able to...
  16. M

    No mouse cursor ingame menu...

    howcome? it's very annoying, other steam games have it, ESF doesnt for me :S
  17. john_volkov

    Character menu and walk in wals bug

    ok Character menu it's like this I think it's because the Gforce Card and on evry Gforce card will look like this walk trought wall bug on new Guru map when you spawn after you enter the place where bulma is this is whit...
  18. john_volkov

    Character List Menu

    so for the guys that does not have that new class menu and ar using the old class menu what will we have (The Guys under the resolusion of 1024) Will the team make the new character list menu to work for us as well ? or they will make a sepret one for us
  19. O

    Game creation menu

    If it's possible in any way, I think you should be able to see the overview of a map (from "esf_openbeta\overviews") when you select it in the 'Create Server' menu. This will help unexperienced players with choosing the map they want.
  20. Skyrider

    ESF Should allow Menu colours

    I've been thinking, perhaps this mod should support Menu Colours, what do you think? For those who don't understand, let me show you a quote:
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