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Mar 7, 2005
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Hi guys, Locomotion here...

I've think i found a menu bug.
You see i've downloaded a few gohan custom models at
esf-world, i've put them all in the right installation they al work, but now when i have 5 custom models they don't all
appear on my menu..
i'll show you..

Picture 1:
Comment: on the first pic everything looks ok

Picture 2:
Comment: since i've added 5 custom models i can only see 3 of them.. If you inclued the default model that makes 6, i can only see 4 models now..
When i use the arrow buttons i can only go until Future gohan,
but when i drag it down i can go further but as you can see on the picture, the name off the next model is only half on it.. i can just click it for the gohan in kai outfit, so you can see on picture 3.

Picture 3:
Comment, now the only custom model is the Saiyaman model, and i know it works because i've used it apart to.
So i can't see the names of my custom models when i go down, drag down or you name it.

So could anyone help me further please..?

PS: if the pictures aren't good or you need more info, or you don't understand, just tell me.
I'll try to inform you beter then
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Nov 21, 2003
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Ya youre late. Please check the older reporst before posting next time. Thank you.
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