1. Damaera

    Siglemic - Pro ass mother ******* mario 64 speedrunner You guys should seriously watch this guy, he's a ******* pro.
  2. -Origin

    The Super Mario 64 Challenge. I've got no idea what these guys are saying, but I'm laughing my ass off. This is awesome.
  3. Damaera

    Super Mario Galaxy 2

    So who's picking this game up tomorrow? I preordered it when I picked up Red Dead: Redemption, and I am extremely excited for the release of this game.
  4. Suh Dude

    One Day Mario Woke Up... LULZ
  5. Damaera

    Mario Kart Wii (Discussion and Friend Codes)

  6. Mr.Lukyas

    lol, japanese Super Mario weirded out I lol'd
  7. imkongkong

    Mario Kart Wii im actually looking forward to some multiplayer, lan and online, fun ^^
  8. Damaera

    Super Mario Galaxy

    Couldn't find a thread about it, so I decided to make one. Who has it/beat it? I found the game actually quite fun.
  9. M

    Mario Kart [Wii] This looks interesting.
  10. ~*Logan*~

    Sonic and Mario in a game together....and it's not Brawl!

    It's set for release on the Wii sometime in Q3 according to Gamestop. As if we really needed another Mario sports game...but still, this one has Sonic in it now! Bowser and Eggman finally working together to stop the heroes? Mario and Sonic face to face for the first time ever? EVER? Yeah...
  11. G

    Super Mario Bros Z

    This is by far the best Flash vid series ever created this is a must watch Here are the links to all the episodes - Episode 1 - Episode 2 - Episode 3...
  12. M

    Mario Claims to Be Father of Anna Nicole's Baby

    Controversy surrounding Anna Nicole Smith?s death has taken the world by storm. And now the story is about to get a bit more interesting for gamers. Mario, a man who took the world by storm twenty years ago with the never-ending Super Mario Bros. franchise, has claimed to be the father of...
  13. Arsenovicius

    Super Mario C4d Wallpaper

    I made this wallpaper and took me quite much ( 30 mins or more..) And another 15 to find a way to host it without losing its dimensions ... Which i can't right now.. ( If anyone know any good *ANY* site to host big images without losing dimensions.. please tell me..) Oh well Here it is : C&C...
  14. PiXel

    Mario Slam Basketball

    I just recieved today an email by Nintendo with a few news and something what catched my eye! Mario Slam Basketball, i looked up an trailer an it seemed to be fun ( ) But the main point is...
  15. Sicron

    Mario and Luigi...Vice City style. I lol'ed at this movie, pretty cool IMO.
  16. sub

    Mario Infinite
  17. KidMan

    Super Mario Bros.

    I recently played Super Mario Bros. for the original Nintendo while stoned and it got me thinking about the game a lot. I realized that the concept of Mario going to a world, based on mushrooms made me think that the creators of this game, were frequent drug users. Now, I'm not advocating...
  18. M

    Mario Basketball?

    Yet another Mario Sports game, for the DS -_-
  19. clen

    Quick buy your own mario I don't see who would want to get a life sized mario, especially for that price.