1. J

    MAPS not working

    i just download the kai planet map and gokus house and Dr geros lab placed it were in needed to go but when i hit start it just stop loading and returns to the main menu screen WHY????
  2. Painkiller

    warcraft III dragonball maps...

    hello guys if you actualy know any maps post them here... there is a good map i know... download it from here here actualy XD
  3. The Deco

    Need TSRP maps mapper

    I need a TSRP maps mapper, if you are interested reply here or you can add me to steam friends: [email protected] I really need someone who can make TSRP maps For any of you who know TSRP I wanna start a new kind of TSRP, a Wild West theme RP. I got a design sketch of the town part of the...
  4. vahn9

    you guys making maps

    would you guys who make custom maps please learn how to make a .res file all these custom map packs that need a special wad and you don't even make a .res file its very simple just do this to make life more easy for everyone lets say the wad for example is guru.wad i want you to open notepad...
  5. C

    ESF Maps?

    How do I apply maps that I have downloaded into esf so i can play them? I just downloaded zsword map by kongkong and Im not sure how to play it/play in it.:confused:
  6. The Deco

    ESF closes when logging in to certain maps..

    When logging to certain maps, the game closes, simply, without an error, like nothing happen. Hows that? Note: That Recently I Downloaded 4 Custom Maps. (in addition to the ones you get in ecxrc2, no im not using ecxrc2 to play this maps)
  7. sub

    FPS and maps

    Right now, some people in 1.2 like playing on the map Rosat because it gives them good FPS, despite the fact that you have no ground as a point of reference. This make the map suck for fights. I'm proposing that the team create a bare map modeled after Groovys Z_Spike so that people are able...
  8. L

    Help, ESF wont load maps,

    the game will start up, but when i go to create a game it crashes b4 it loads up "Could not find libary" etc wats the deal?
  9. N

    Help a broda out i wanna test my maps out

    Hi there im new to esf and stuff and i have a question i have downloaded this map pack its the sdbz one. Now the problem i have is when i try to load some maps(well in this case sdbz_capsule) i get this error message. No detail...
  10. Evil[Angel]

    Maps & Characters

    Ok well on youtube people are usin Characters such as Gogeta SSJ4 etc, and usin maps like citys so how can i get them, i dont want loadsa fake characters like ssj5, i want real Characters, and i want the city map. PLZ HELP:warning:
  11. ZeroNightmare

    4 new maps for gears of war for 800 ms points /barf free on september 7th 2007. kind of makes me mad, all the cool places that should of been in already they saved for the p2p downloadable...
  12. MinioN

    Making ESF maps.

    Can anyone tell me how can i make ESF maps on the easiest way...I tryed with some programs for Half Life but its not good > its very bad...:cry: Post link plz...
  13. final shine

    distructible parts in maps

    my idea is that maps that should have some parts that bend or disapere when slamed on them or hit with blasts, it wil look cool ,something like the time when brolly slamed vegeta's head against that huge rock and made that crater :D
  14. vinay87

    Thing we (**ok, I!!**) don't notice in maps

    :) Its funny how we never stop and observe every detail of a map. That either shows we enjoy the map a lot or that we dont have the patience to stop and look. In my case and with imKongKong's map, it was the first case. Enjoyed it way too much. I wonder what else is hidden in these maps...
  15. K

    Some questions (maps,dragon and esf 1.3)

    i am new to this forum so........hi everyone i once played this game a few years ago and decided to search the game to play once more but i got some questions - when ar you expecting to lauch esf 1.3? - are any maps for download besides the ones that come with the game? if yes were? -in...
  16. john_volkov

    ading 2 tipes of maps

    I think it will be cool to have to 2 tipes of the same map normal map and distruction map like namek and namek end or cell games and cell ring blow out timechamber and time chambre broken
  17. Skyrider

    More maps at the HL2Files server!

    I just uploaded 25+ new maps on both servers, and they are on Fast Download as well, so you can easily download the maps within matter of seconds to a minute. So, Here's the map list: All maps has been tested, and does not crash at all. But I need a few *.res files of some maps...
  18. Skyrider

    Admins, New Vote, FastDL & New Maps on the HL2Files Servers.

    For those who play on the HL2Files ESF Game Servers, I've recently changed / added and modified things which I hope makes things more interesting for you guys to play on the servers more. Check below for the things I recently have done for both HL2Files Game Servers. 1), I fixed the admins on...
  19. veqeta

    Is there a website where i can download any old maps?

    hi, i was wondering if there was anywhere where i could find old maps :\ i'm saying this because i want that old esf_cell_day i think that's what it's called... well any help would be great thanks, if i can find an image of it i'll post it here.
  20. .Guzzie.

    Maps that contain Dragonball entitys!

    Hello!! GuZzie here!! Anyway,Australia has a new server - Custom-X Earths Special Forces and at the moment everything is running well-We got the best AMX [Ty Kain] around,we've configured the CTDB System too.Now we can play CTDB all we hasnt crashed since...never >_> But I want new...