1. Z

    need modlers mappers coders

    hy its me again wel here is an update for about the mod: dragongod went out of the mod we got a great modler kaioshin we got evilgohan in the mod he is a mapper we got marx mapper 2 we got 4 models done : kirby medabee goku normal goku ssj3 link wip and we are stil looking...
  2. Skyrider

    A spawn Tip for mappers!!!

    i already saw in 2 map's that there is ONLY 1 spawn point,, thats NOT good!! what if you are playing whit bots? they just worldkill themself cuz there is only 1 spawn point!
  3. S

    keen mapper needed!

    This is a simple request for a keen mapper or mappers to aid me in the development of my game, all nessisary acknowledgement will be given and if all goes well possible fame and fortune for all. this is just a request, for more infomation e-mail me at no OR advertizeing please if...
  4. -Dark Shadow-

    idea for mappers if want to make

    i thought of the idea of when vegeta first went ssj in space you could make that map or is that esf_orbit? but anyway i am not good at mapping just giving idea for mappers who want to make a map if they want to :)
  5. Z

    god gundam andother skinners mappers and modlers

    i wanted to ask if some budy had some time to help us pleas do ( espechialy god gundam) we are making a mod called : the legend of zelda: smash time inthe first person you can play the game ocarina of time but then better and in the multy player you can play a sort of smash bros dath match with...
  6. Z

    need animators

    hi me and dragon god are now mode and we still need mappers coders and animators so...... who is willing to help us ?
  7. R

    hats off to the original mappers

    Just like to say i take my hat off to the original mappers because i make maps for counter strike but, the way they have made such levels without errors is brilliant , i mean sometimes on counterstrike r_speeds get so high that its unplayable , but you even with such large scale maps you have...
  8. S

    Want lagless water? all mappers read

    Alright ever notice how when you create a map with lots of water you get a nice drop in framerate and some increase in ping? well its because the waves are being rendered constantly, and they are rendered everywhere on the map, now do you want a solution? ok download wally, search for it on...
  9. Epedemic_Optikz

    Mappers,Modelers,and Sprite Makers

    Plz Can any of U or Them post some map links or model links or umm some new sprites??? Yeah i know im getting bored too.:]
  10. B

    You need help

    You need help about mapping come to my site **************** go to my form my team help you:D :D ;D ther is no problem whe can fix (admin's can only fix)
  11. S

    maps tutorial

    im in the process om programming a game and need to create maps. my program supports the bsp format. but i need a tutorial on how to create a basic outside map in worldcraft (valve hammer editor). somethiing step by step would be great, and because my maps will not be used in halflife can i...
  12. S

    for the ESF_TEAM

    ey ESF_TEAM how are u guys i have a question: How many maps are left or are they all done and: whats left for he beta Models are done, maps dont know?, so whats left? but u guys do a great job!:D
  13. S

    mapper seaking job?

    Hey is there like a team of mapping i could try out for? or something
  14. S

    how to add the dammn sky!

    how could i add the sky? i only know that i must go to "maps änd than "map properties" but than whut i have to do?? plz help me:cry:
  15. 4xMega-Saiyajin

    hey u mappers!!!

    Well is there a good mapper from u available? I need one!! He should do me a Neo-Vegeta Map (u know this planet from the movie with broly) and i wanne have a map for esf with that and with a poster on which is standing ...
  16. L

    How Do I Make Maps

    how do i make maps? email me at:[email protected] or post something here plz!
  17. xstortionist

    Attention all experienced modellers, mappers, skinners, and coders!!! please read

    Ok, I've finally got my self together to start up a new Half-Life/Quake3 modification. This modification will be a car game, much like Quake3 Ralley/HL Ralley, but I'm wanting it to be a little bit more high tech and futuristic. I am really looking for modellers, mappers, and...
  18. C

    For everyone asking me question

    Please stop ive quit the ESF team about two weeks ago and i dont check around here to often so please use other mappers as a refernce and for help untill i get back to the CP gamming mood again.
  19. D

    I Need Mappers!

    i need modellers for my clan {-:DBL:-} if you can model and are good email me at [email protected] or go to our site at {-:DBL:-} Clan Page
  20. Hibiki


    hey pr is need of some mappers so if are interested e-mail me at [email protected] send pics or a map for your work....