1. V

    Interview With ESF Makers, and/or SPiN

    Hey, i am new to the forums but have played ESF for a long while. Anyways, me and a freind of mine are making a site called "BlaZeNeT" and we want to ask SPiN and (or) someone from the ESF team (someone who participates in the making of it) to have an interview with Me for my site. Please...
  2. S


    K people i just finished my ssj2 pack and now im already thinking to make a new one with ssj3goku, ssj3trunks ,ssj3 gohan, ssj3vegeta
  3. S

    Freiza saga goku

    Hi just one question the ussj bd goku not ussj just normal version that soccer did cant somebody do a ssj version to him bd damaged like in the battle with freiza?
  4. G

    model makers come here and tell me where i can get software

    i need software so i can make models and maps im a great designer so i can make awesome maps and models and i wont hold them for myself ill give to all even if red sayian wants to hold it they can so tell me
  5. K

    Elite Sig Makers Site!!

    ELITE SIG MAKERS UNITE. lol. I was bored so i was wondering. Do any of you elite sig makers want to combine and make like a site? I unno, maybe our own forums and ppl can request sigs ect. Maybe brnach off into like an ESF clan or somethin. i unno. Just an idea that popped in my head. I would...
  6. TimTheEnchantor

    Willing to do a collab work with someone..

    Is anyone interested? I'll make a image, and extend it, making it say, like a mural. Everyone has their own section about 200-400 px wide..and with 3-5 artists, we make one huge collaborative art-piece. Anyone interested?
  7. D

    show off ur bst work

    com here and show off ur greatest sigs or come in and have a chat
  8. Kman3252

    Free Flash Sig

    what do you think? if lots people like this i ill problably make more! I will ad in your name if u want this one. First come first serve. <embed src="" quality="high" width="350" height="65"> Edit - i will fix that white line ^
  9. Skyrider

    ESF makers, plz read!!

    i have a question, could you release the multiple struggle? !! DONT GET MAD YET!! jez. its just that one thing, if you guys dont want it FINE! i understand it then if you dont want it!, it whas just a question, and asking a question cant hurt! i love multiple struggle :D
  10. GoJita

    Can i get sig please

    I would like a sig with like goku bending over to fuse on one side and vegeta bending over on the other side to fuse with Goku, and Gojita standing in between them

    Can anyone amke a sig for me?

    I just want one
  12. M

    Question to makers of mystic gohan pack

    Hi all i just got the Mystic Gohan Sound/mdl pack it rules tremendously, how ever my question has nothing to do with the model i wanna know something about the sounds if u would like to tell me plz :). My question is there are gohan SSJ2 sounds in there not just mystic gohan is there anyway to...
  13. Skyrider

    question for makers of ESF!

    i just wanted to ask! May i know some things you going to release in the next version of esf??
  14. G

    map makers??

    I would like to start making maps but I don’t know what to use does any 1 have a info for me plz And if it is all possible can you also give me some map tutorials thx
  15. Wuying Ren

    GT Goku Skin

    Hello I made this Skin edit Its not much but I think it looks nice for a skinedit.
  16. Epedemic_Optikz

    Mappers,Modelers,and Sprite Makers

    Plz Can any of U or Them post some map links or model links or umm some new sprites??? Yeah i know im getting bored too.:]
  17. Guru_San

    A Request for all Modelers!

    Hey guys, would ANYBODY be able to model a Samurai guy for me? i have but one pic of him. Its the red one from RPG Makers 2k. in the RTPe monsters file. I Will come back on l8er with pic G-S
  18. Deverz

    Sig Makers List.

    To get on the list PM Deverz, Deman or Sonic Boyster. Removal request MUST be via PM to Deverz and with a reason of some sort Please note I will simply ignore sig requests and requests to be added on the list read above and below properly Sig Makers: PM these people if you want a sig...
  19. Deverz

    Sig Makers Read

    Ok as far as I'm concerned and a few other people, Sigs are NOT Artwork so they don't belong in the artwork section. Alot of you probally wouldnt remember but this section used to be full of sigs until people started complaining so now sigs aren't a valid part of the artwork section. Take it...
  20. Styles

    We need good bot makers (or crap who cares)

    We need someone to start making bots for esf so lamers like me with 56k can vs something because as most of u guys know akimbot stopped supporting esf.;(