1. S

    Character Makers :o

    Guys check out these character makers I found ;) South Park Character Maker And... Heroine Character Maker
  2. Gazoline

    a suggestion for all fan of esf and the makers of the esf mod

    just so ya guys now (pointing my fingers to the creators) if you wait to long of relese the beta people may get tired of waiting and give up the playing and such things, of esf, and that would not be THAT fun wouldnt it? what about relesing a new alpha, so people don't get tired and such...
  3. L

    Help on two things

    Alright, I need help from you guys. First, whenever I play ESF, my camera in 3rd person view is always to the side, and I cannot see anything unless I put it in first person. (Which isn't much fun) The second one, I need a Sig! Please help me whomever does this, I only know of one of you...
  4. L

    New GFX Clan

    Ok after long thought about this judge and myself have decided to leave [SMC] and go on our own root. Through Extensive PM's we have talked about it and finally its coming out to the public. The new clan Is Called "Spiral Rift". Its the same as [SMC] but we're not going into the fancy website...
  5. L

    Anyone want this Serial Experiment Lain sig?

    I was workingo nt he real flames tutorial and liked the final product so much that i decided to just play with it alittle. i used some serial experiment lain pics in it and it actually turned out nicly witht he exception of the font. if anyone wants it. just tell me if yo want your name on it or...
  6. D

    [SMC] Sig Makers Community

    we have gathered and are still recruiting members.... if you wanna join, go to our site for stuff.... BTW hey USJ trunks, would u like to join?
  7. H

    Hey Judge

    Heard u make the best sigs, mind if u could make me one when u get any free time?
  8. D

    Attention All Sig Makers

    i am thinking of starting a sig makers clan or guild... tell me what u think. and tell me if you want to join...
  9. D

    Hey All Sig Makers

    post your best sig here so i make a poll with examples... thanx
  10. Majin_You

    For any sig makers!

    I was wondering if any of you sig makers out there could make a sig for me... [eg.: I see stuff like THANK YOU SPIN written under some people's sigs, can I get one that is like that?] I tried to make one the other day with PSP 7, but I found it too difficult. HELP ME OUT... PLEASE!!! PS: If...
  11. B

    Okay need help from sig makers?

    Okay i made my very first sig guys........but the bitch is...i dont know how to put them on ma posts yet.....dont say look at the other topics about it...because i need help and im running low on tim ( mind the spellings, im running l8) i made i wanna show it i want it my posts i...