1. Mkilbride

    World of Warplanes - from the makers of World of Tanks; Alpha Signups

    Yeap, World of Tanks ,a fun game I'm sure most of us have at least played. Well here comes World of Warplanes...and it's going into Alpha: Got to answer some questions to enter, but most answers can be found on Google.
  2. Deman

    Sig Makers List. Part Deux

    I'm unsticking the old thread and letting it sink to the bottom, as I'm certain that many of the old sig makers are no longer around. PM or any of the other Artwork mods if you want back on the list, or if you're a new guy wanting on it! Do a service to your fellow ESFers! List: Spunky -...
  3. mac1029

    ok i have a contest for you sig makers

    I want a signature, but i cant make one :( This is a contest to see who can make me the best signature. (or a cheap attempt to get a sig:( ) I want it to have future trunks with the sword super saiyan and for it to say saiyan knight. Im sick of people calling me mac (thats my kiddy name.)
  4. TeKNiK

    Sig Makers Tournament

    I've had this idea for some time now, and I finally got off my ass and decided to check into it so As I was pm'n Majin_you to change my name back to Kuwabara I asked him what steps should I take to hold a sig makers tournament. After I read his Reply I pm'd Optimus Prime to ask him if He'd watch...
  5. HaLLiS

    Dear Sig makers

    Hey, i was wondering if any of u talented sig makers out there would b kind enuf to make me a sig. Things i would like on my sig: 1:This picture 2:With the name "HaLLiS" on it 3:Change the Backround to make it a little bit more interesting Cheers everyone
  6. G

    Model Makers Needed...

    Anyone want to make me a model? I am willing to pay someone to makeme and my clan a model. We will dicuss detail on AIM or VIA email. EMAIL: use pm to ask modellers AIM: pm Thanks. Appreciate it. edited by bolteh
  7. G

    Map Makers, Please Read

    Ok, I am willing to pay a map maker money to make my clan a few maps. If anyone is up for the job, IM me on AIM: ~~~~ Or contact me here. A Price will be negotiated. I really need a map maker. Perferably a good map maker. Thanks. Contact me eather on aim, or VIA email. [email protected]
  8. SsJ0GoHaN

    Question to Sig Makers..

    As i look around this forum... i see that most everyones Background for there sig is so tight... and im not GREAT @ photoshop.. but im not that bad w/ it eather (at least i like to think so :laff: ).. But my main question is how u make them... like what sites u use for tutorials or what are the...
  9. Enix

    can someone put me on the sig makers list?

    PLEASE!! <p>its's just important to me. please!! just asking cause i make sigs for people and i make sig!! and if you dont do this tiny favour, please dont flame me for asking!
  10. W

    requesting skilled sig makers aid.

    I was wondering if a sig artist would like to make me a new sig to go with a name change i'm getting ready to ask for. If someone is interested please send me a tell on AIM. AIM : Lapez Knight
  11. D

    calling all sig makers!

    im bored and if anyone else is, if u wanted u can make me a sig of Goku, saying DeathSayin and having a nice backround.. so calling all bored sig makers! umm here maybe some pics plz use them if u can and u have to put this one down just put in the GOHAN pic not GOKU. and i remind u dont...
  12. VivaLaPineapple

    calling all sig makers

    welp lets see make me a sig. couple boundries it must be a rhapsody sig here are some images use any character it doesnt matter which. size limitations is 400 x 80 as for the bg well surprise me. oh almost forgot text should just say...
  13. K

    Groovy and ne other sig/avater makers

    okie dokie heres the deal... I need a SIG/AVATER!!! AND YES, i know this doesnt belong here, but no one ever paid any attention to my threads or requests, so please no warnings! if u are willing to help me out dis is what i want! ^^ 1. To have a pink backround thats really cool and bubbly...
  14. B

    modle makers

    Hi i have been interested in modleing i think its pretty damn cool, seeing the things that people can make. I tried to start my own model but i guess i must of tried milkshape befor because i cant save at all :\ It must of been a long time but i was finally getting a little use to milkshape...
  15. Shinkawa

    Sorry to nag, but fellow sig makers

    Well, before i received z3r0's cool sig, I applied for to more sig makers and they all seemed to vanish??? Where'd ya guys go?
  16. D

    sig plz, any good makers

    got myself a sig in need ok here it is i was thinkin sumpin like.. Darth maul on left side, just his head and upper cape, then in the background, red and black swirling torent of evil, ... errrr red and black swirling around, and in green and blue alternating colors: Darth Bacon The...
  17. T

    model maker

    Can some one tell me whats the best model maker that works for 1.1 model and works for esf models please i need to no i tryed 3 diffrnt model makers
  18. Pommy


    i have a suggestion for maps. make some clip around the map that you can hit instead so when you get meleed into a wall of the map everything doesn't disappear, you can still see everything.
  19. Skyrider

    just for people to know! (all models/mappers/sprite makers)

    i just want to let you people know that i am a redsaiyan staff member. that means i can upload your stuff to to redsaiyan site. even its not online right now. i can upload it. just Prive message me. or email me at [email protected] ( email is the best thing. if my pm gets to full )...
  20. SSj Goten

    A model pack

    its different models from other people , i will give credits after i am done with everything :tired: