1. Raven

    LotR. BfMe2 + RotW + RJMod: looking for players

    Hey me and LoD are looking for some guys to join us for a match or two in Lord of the Rings: battle for MiddleEarth2 + Raise of the Witch King + RJ-Mod any of you out there. We're playing over Hamashi btw.
  2. S

    LOTR the battle for middle earth!!!!

    OKAI GUYS!! GET READY FOR THE BEST GAME EVER!!! SOON BEING RELEASED!!! ONLY SOME MONTHS LEFT!!! and YES, i am talking about the legendary pc game!! Lord Of The Rings : The Battle For Middle Earth!!! i am really looking forward for this game, i have been following the progresses in this...
  3. Jaredster

    LOTR Wins 11 Oscars :D.

    It won 11 Academy Awards: http://www.imdb.com/features/rto/2004/ "For the first time since The Last Emperor, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King won every Oscar it was nominated for, including Best Picture, Best Director for Peter Jackson, Best Adapted Screenplay, and a ton of...
  4. R


    Hey guys. I was just curious to see what you guys thought of the movie if you've seen it. I'll start off. I read the books 5 years ago, and since I heard they were making the trilogy I wanted to piss my pants. I waited so long for 'Fellowship' to come out - when it did I wasn't...
  5. R

    LOTR: the return of the king problem

    OK, heres the problem: no mather what character i select, its always Sam. All levels has the same problem. Can anyone help me?
  6. Rebirah

    Lotr (daoc)

    This is funny! Its a DAOC style LOTR preview.i thought it was funny! Check it out! http://vnfiles.ign.com/camelot/videos/4-2-2003/LOTR-preview.wmv EDIT: This ones cool too http://vnfiles.ign.com/camelot/videos/3-4-2003/daocmovie.wmv This ones just freaky...
  7. Z

    new LOTR drawing ( probably my best yet)

    for some reason i can´t seem to post it, anyway u can see it right ? :)
  8. E

    Execrated Designs // Wallpaper

    Execrated Designs = a small art group witch holds, naz, LynX( aka Eclipse ) , and me This wallpaper was made by naz and me ... Comments ? ( and no the background isn't black, it has a 3D wave in it behind it, barely seeable though... )
  9. Denominator

    my first sig on request crits apreciated

    ok this guy is on another forum so you guys wouldnt know him. he asked me to make a lotr sig, simple really but yeah its my first sig on request so..