1. J

    planet texture?

    I am making a new map called esf_botp (battle of the planet) And i want to know if there is a texture that would look realistic for a planet also if there is a moon texture that would also be awesome. :) :p
  2. [MOD]Vegito


    I think there should be a Sqall replacement skin for trunks
  3. VivaLaPineapple

    yes its a wallpaper

    i came across a tutorial that looked fun so i gave it a shot. im aware the grid is overused but i like it on this image. comments and critz plz
  4. G

    Goku GT and SSj4 MODells.

    Well, I have been looking for the sometime now . And I wonder if anyone got a good place I can download GT goku, and ssj4 Goku .. That's all , thanks . EDIT: THe grown up Gt Goku, not the kid .
  5. E

    Gundam Wallpaper redone

    I wasnt happy with the last ones typography so I re did it, and added a few more touch ups.
  6. N

    Why cant i get a modlel into Gmax

    When i go into Gmax i go open go to the models but none come up and if i go all files i cant open anything it comes up with errors why?
  7. M

    request: Gotenks

    hi, i've been looking everywhere on this form, on redsaiyan and i searched the net, but i just CANT find a gotenks model!!!! does it actually excist? is someone working on it? if it is already made, can someone give me a link so i can dload it? thnx
  8. TehMuffinMan

    Behold! First Addition To The Powerup!!!

    thats it boys and girls! the first attempt at changing the charge sprite!! soccer28jp gave me the idea so i gave it a try and this freaky sprite came out!! *description* its surrounds you character in a dimond shape lightning aura of lightning with the origional colours, dont ask why it...
  9. Vengaurd

    the map list

    im just learning the ups and downs of the hl map editer right now, its prety close to what im used to and im ready to make a real map now, the problem is...i cant get my test map (wich happens to be the pacman map) doesnt show up in the hl map list. im sorry if this sounds dumb, this is my first...
  10. H

    Krillin Models

    Anyone know of a good model to replace Krillin? I've used the search, and the only one I could find was one of Tien, and one with him in armor, and I don't really like either. Anyone know of another one?

    PRIVATE dont read

    HAHAHAHHAHAHA, you looked cuz i said dont look now see what you get AH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA......i have to find something better to do in my time =(
  12. M

    Compiling HL models?

    I'm having a bit of trouble compiling a model, I looked for the file they refeer to in this link. http://www.planetquake.com/polycount/resources/halflife/tutorials/3dsmax8.shtml It's studiomdl.exe I even ran a search for it. I'm sorry if this is an easy question and one of you get mad.
  13. ]\/[ITCHELL

    little goku

    once i tought: "if you take a goten model and reskin in with a goku skin you have a little goku" so Itried and it worked;D ;D ;D i have a little goku REskin
  14. Marauder

    new sig:critz

    hey, yes, i made anoher one ^^. what do you think?(not done yet) all thanks to Ryoko
  15. M

    Gohan SSJ2 Model and already skinned but who made it?!? NOT ME THOUGH!

    here the model, but iono who the hell it belongs to. I remember saving it off an image cuz it looked cool. lol!
  16. Vegito1180

    MilkShape 3D

    How Do I Importe Models To Milkshape?
  17. fatmanterror

    MY shot at a trunks

    welp here he is, all ussj like, hows it look?
  18. S

    Nature map WIP for Beta 1

    Hello all I'm new in this forum, but i really love esf, great job on the beta esf team :yes: I'm working on a map for the beta 1 and its gonna be a nature map, i know that you whont see much on the pics, but i just started it, and i whould like to have feedback for the ground...What do you...
  19. A

    nice 1

    were can i download it????o_o o_o o_o
  20. xstortionist

    A model to practice on.

    Well I've had some free time on my hands this past week and i decided to work on a new model just for practice and to maybe put in a game. I just been messing aroudn and I've come up with this. *copy and paste link* http://www.angelfire.com/ms2/ssjdomain/armoredmodel.jpg Right now I'm...