1. U

    Kami's House never looked so inviting

    Your map looks awesome Stryker! It's a triumph! DarkTooth's PS pictures answered my first question (can you swim under the water? --> yes), but I'm still wondering: can you enter Kami's house? (I'd assume not, given the constraints the scale down puts on the map. Everything is at least...
  2. M

    WIP Perfect Cell

    Ey im skining an OLD perfect cell model of mine... aha no hed yet cos i haven skinned hed and its 1:36 am o_O :P
  3. Kama

    Kama & Kenshin together at last

    Well my friend Kenshin had drawn a picture. (He isn't on these or any other forums either so don't go looking for him. We also might be doing a new KK with him as my artist. If any of the ESF people are from DMZ you probably know about my KK.) And I shaded the main girl in it for him. So I'd...
  4. L

    esf models

    i dunno if this has been said already or anything so dont flame me please. its not like i dont like every model its just the cell model in alpha 2.0 has his neck out of placeand it makes him look real wierd. my question is will the next version have new models and everthing?
  5. Synth

    Custom Character.....

    heres a character that came to me in an instance...... im gonna try and model her with milkshape 3D, wish me luck :cool: BIO name: MokuSei normal pl: 500,000 age: 18 height: 5 ft 4 inches weight: 115 hair: white eyes: white skin: green planet:KaSei(race destroyed by Furiza)...
  6. D

    Show off stuff that you did.

    Yeah, It's 9:22 am here in FL and I'm gonna be drawing today. If anyone has a request I'll take a few. I'll post the pics here when i have something worth to show. 12:38 pm I jound some of my old pics and only found 1 or 2 good ones... Lately I haven't been doing much anime, more natural...
  7. R

    -Update- Boonie Model

    Well it's pretty much finished... now for the skin... I think this model looked alot better then the one I showed you at first http://www.angelfire.com/gundam/chewygumm/allboonie.html It's 992 polies btw Opinions are MORE than welcome.. always like to learn what I need to improve on or...
  8. P

    can someone make..

    can someone make a model (or just a skin) for the beta esf's gohan model, one of the cool stuff he was wearing while in the buu saga training in the other world (when he was training with the Z sword) cos those looked cool, plz plz plz plzzzzz plz?
  9. xstortionist

    Brolli beta 2.0

    Here is the brolli model i have been working on. I haven't been able to work on it much since i have baseball everyday from 2-8 so this is what I have done so far in about 2 hours combined.
  10. R

    Fixed Sig

    Just seeing the new sig, the ball looked kinda sketchy in the other one <img src="http://www.esforces.com/sigs/SIG%20copy1.jpg">
  11. T

    its my new sig nothin great but i like

    check it out plz no flaming of i might have to kill you
  12. D

    Real USSJ Vegeta

    (sigh)... that one dude made a cool USSJ Vegeta, but it looked a little messed up... here is a pic of the one i made... I will post a link for download later... Compare sizee to this one...
  13. N

    Seems the help forum isn't looked at often

    So i'll repost this for my friend, maybe fixing this would bring a lot more dedicated servers to the community Linux port? The linux port seems to crash right after it loads a map. Here's the last few lines of console output (developer mode is on): quote...