1. S

    Long time no...see?

    You miss me? I'm sure you didn't! How is this place thesedays? I see familiar faces and development is strong! Have I missed much? btw, I cant get into my old account, some reason it wont send the password recovery email -_-'
  2. A

    How Long Do You Think You'll Play?

    After so many years of development, how long do you think you will play ESF Final before you move on? What do you think the community can do to make things as interesting as possible? o_o
  3. john_volkov

    Half-ESF a long time favorite

    So a long , i mean really long time ago I created 2 videos called half ESF 1. http://www.youtube.com/user/johnvolkov?feature=guide#p/u/1/NGjOY5OI3ig 2. http://www.youtube.com/user/johnvolkov?feature=guide#p/u/2/JlcHVq36VE4 So i was wondering sould I go do an other one ? (Note when I did that...
  4. ~*Logan*~

    Oh the Nostalgia! Long time no see, folks!

    I wonder who here even remembers me XD. Been a long time though. How many years? 3? Sheesh I don't even know. But it's good to see everyone again, even people who I had some trouble with in the past on this game and the forum. I'm glad this game is still running strong. I had a bit of a...
  5. Ness

    How often do you wash/change your bedsheets, and how long is too long?

    Just got to thinking, and was wondering, how often do you guys change your bedsheets? And how long before you consider your sheets to have been on your bed for too long?
  6. E

    It's been a long time since I've visited this forum.

    It's great to see the mod is still going :yes: I use to play ESF for hours everyday, maybe if I find my old steam account I'll load ESF up again and see what's been added. Take care
  7. S

    Long time player Longer time N00b

    Hello ESF forums, I've been a very long time player of ESF, Although I thought awhile, ago since saying Final, the team on ESF packed up shop and left. I've Been playing I think 1.0 ESF on Lan games for almost 2 years now I think, and been playing it maybe even beyond that, Just by chance I...
  8. Jarek Bachanek

    Anyone listen Trance/Electronic Dance Music ?

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trance_music I'm big fan of electronic music especially this sub genre: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uplifting_trance Few my fave artists: Daniel Kandi - Denmark Aly & Fila - Egypt Andy Blueman - Slovenia - My Personal god Ferry Tayle - France Manuel...
  9. Damaera

    [Old PotW] PoTW: Buu Renders

    Almost put 09.. damn, not used to it being the new year yet T_T
  10. RavenTrunks

    Loading a long list of cvars in one command?

    Okay, so i have alot of cvars I was messing with, and I want it to load atleast everytime I start the game, or through a console command. Anyone here know how this is done? Throwing all the cvars at the bottom of the server.cfg didnt work for me >.>
  11. Damaera

    The Long Awaited Conclusion of Forum Competition X!

    The long awaited conclusion of Forum Competition X is here! Grab a seat and relax while you read Chakra X's interview with Mastasurf!
  12. Painkiller

    ESF will live a long long time...

    Even thought I hear that after finishing ESF 1.3 the team will quit ESF Well even if that happens there won't be any ESF 1.4 But should we care so much? You know this will live long long 1. The game is most certainly going to be the best for PC. 2. Once the game is out thousands of addons...
  13. I

    hay all long time player first time forumer

    HI all just wanted to say whats up hope all is well love this game been playing it on and off for a while now just got back in to it after buying all the episodes and watching it for a week lol good times anyway my name is Insane.M and just want to get to saying hi so HI lol ok...
  14. Kaination

    How long until the Google OS?

    That's my question. What does everyone think? Personally, we'll probably see one in about 5 years.
  15. -Origin

    How long will it take before I get replies?

  16. I

    At long last

    Kelesk has been arsed to make himself a new Siggy and Avi. Love it, hate it. Honestly couldn't care less, but at least let me know what you guys think anyway :P
  17. KelesK

    At long last

    Kelesk has been arsed to make himself a new Siggy and Avi. Love it, hate it. Honestly couldn't care less, but at least let me know what you guys think anyway :P
  18. Damaera

    It's been a long time..

    Since I've seen these forums. Ahoy! First post on 3.7 baby.
  19. M

    Left 4 Dead - Long Interview

    Source: http://www.bit-tech.net/gaming/2008/04/28/left4dead-interview-chet-faliszek/1
  20. M

    How Long Did it Take You...

    To produce decent or good models?