1. [SAS]Orion

    Ut2k3 wallpaper

    I made a wallpaper cos I love the game so much:tired:
  2. G

    Kof wallpaper

    how do u like my Kof wallpaper? *edit* the girl with black hair has been fixed
  3. S

    ESF logo

    hey when are u gonna put this up and the buttons? if u need a logo, http://www.theforumisdown.com/uploadfiles/061602/logo.jpg copy and paste
  4. S

    Which do YOU prefer?

    Number 1 Number 2 And... Number 3 What do you guys like best?
  5. Deverz

    I need a logo

    I need a small logo (not small asin light screams sigs small) following a space theme with c34a written on it Thanks in advance
  6. Q

    I Need some Opinions

    Ok I'm still trying to make a logo for my band but I havnt really been able to come up with what something I like. Before I was trying to do like a whole cd cover and I got this http://home.cogeco.ca/~dkeen16/korona-ver-3.gif . Now I am focusing on just doing a little logo and I have come up...
  7. Virtigo Seven

    Sonic Team

    All forum members with "sonic" in there names(or other Sonic charicters), join SONIC TEAM heres a sig to add... at http://www.emulationzone.org/fanfare/ghz/logo.gif Mail me!
  8. V

    New Header Logo.

    Okay, this took a few minutes to do... exporting from hl model viewer as 2mb TGA files, openin with photoshop, scaling to 25%, then exporting as a gif, then importing into a flash movie... GAH! I didnt get a chance to finish it, so i will add some more to it later, but atm it's just some...
  9. S


    umm... that logo on the forums is just plain ugly if you ask me, so i made a new one for you... i timed this one at 30 seconds to make, so i will make you a better one when i have more time... anyway here you go... =)
  10. Son Goten

    my logo

    i play counter strike(dont' b*tch at me) and this is the spray i made for it. like it?? my name is [Mope]Majin_Goose in the game....