1. Gabriel

    New ESF Logo PNG

    Do whatever you please! Quality isn't so good, I'm not good at cutting stuff from pictures but it's acceptable.
  2. Gabriel

    New ESF Logo

    Hey guys, can I post the new ESF Logo from Facebook here? I cut it out from a picture and made it as a PNG. Well, if I'm allowed I could post the PNG. ;) Since ESF is for Free, the new logo can be free aswell.
  3. Michno

    Website Logo

    Okay so here i am agian. And yes i know i do alot of these things ;) But here is my next little peice Pros/cons Please and as always remeber that i suck at photoshop and most of this is made with the Poly lasso tool and then coloring it black :b
  4. Nemix

    Remove Windows 7 Logo from Login Screen

    Is it possible? I tried editing authui.dll from System32 and some stuff from Google and YouTube but the logo is still there. :(
  5. D

    My first logo and wallpaper

    My first time using photoshop Btw the BG and the white flashy line I learned to make that from a tutorial on Youtube and has nothing to do with the logo The logo will be used for my company, and for those who are wondering Najma means Star Anywho.. lemme know what you guys think for a...
  6. DarkVegetaESF

    I need a Logo

    Hi Guyz, Im posting this because im in a need of a Logo Of Mu online.I believe not all know about Mu online but you can search at google(i searched and didnt find anything) So i would really apreciate it if someone made one for me(dont write your name on logo,i will give credits to the person im...
  7. S

    Some help with ESF

    OK, I followed everything I read from this site. I installed Steam, I installed Half-life-1, played some last night, I installed ESF 1.2.3 into C:\Program Files\Dark Ares\Half-Life\esf Made an account on steam, made one on Half-life, all the normal stuff. I can play Half-life just...
  8. M

    I Have installed but...

    Hi All i have installed esf...but when i launch the game and click create server say me starting local game server, after estabilishing network connection to server... and after return to the start logo...( create server find server) and when i do find server i can't find anyoe server...
  9. finalblast

    ESF's LOGO

    Now with sound. :smile: First Version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=leMVXj2BKuw Second Version...
  10. Nemix

    ESF Logo Request

    hi can someone give me the esf logo as png? thx kazumaER
  11. K

    Vote Me For President.... errmm or for my logo

    http://www.demanforpresident.com just vote ;)
  12. Nemix

    Vote Me For President.... errmm or for my logo

    http://www.demanforpresident.com just vote ;)
  13. N

    I'm in need of a logo for my band.

    Alright, I noticed that this section of the forum isn't very active lately, which is a shame since there are (I think) a lot of gifted artists here. Nevertheless, I thought I'd ask someone to do me a little favor. My heavy metal band "Infernal Form" just launched, and we're in the process of...
  14. Mr.Lukyas

    WTF?! Eurovison logo sux hard! :(

    There was competition in Serbia for making logo for 2008. eurovision. I thought of enterying but I didn't have text tool in PS, and ofcourse, I thought I have no chances to win, but.... WTF? this picture actually won the competition? Now there are petitions and protests on Serb nets and...
  15. DJ-Ready

    ESF Logo

    So I was messing around with 3ds a little and figured it would be cool to have an animated ESF Logo... :) Took me a couple of hours (!) to do this thing but its the first time I'm dealing with procedural generated textures, controllers, constraints and whatsoever in max. And this is my first...
  16. Kaination

    Clan Logo

    Well I made this for our clan logo What do you think?
  17. Suh Dude

    Another nupo logo... bleh!

    Your thoughts?
  18. Prozac


    Once again I require the assistance of the talented people on this forum... I need a Logo. I need one for the website I'm making and I really can't start without it! Because I need to integrate the logo into the website for a more professional looking look ( obvious no? :) ) which isn't...
  19. G

    DBZ Heroes Of Our Destiny - LOGO Screen -

    Houdy folks I left a little the other stuff that I'm working at (... and worked a few hours at this UT2004 Logo Screen [when the game starts you see a picture]. Tell me what you think: - Enjoy
  20. OubliezJe

    Shock Studios logo, Help.

    Which do you guys think is better. These logos were produced within a 5 minute period, not to much thought into them so, which is better of the two, and antoher logo will be put there too, but it will be for my personal logo called DPD tell me how it looks to. It might help to put you hand over...