1. A

    uhm; locking on ?

    Scenario 1: You get an enemy in your sights. Let's assume you want to melee him. Left-clicking/primary fire while the target is under your crosshairs will "lock on" to the target, causing a red box to appear around your foe. Think of this red box as a sign saying, "Swooping is Enabled" because...
  2. C

    I keep locking up in game

    While playing ESF, I keep locking up. I don't get kicked out of the game, I don't get any errors. I just lock up, as in... stop moving completely. The only way to get out is to do a CTRL + ALT + DEL I can play for about ten minutes, and from there, it goes all to hell. I don't understand why...
  3. D

    what version of the metamod it the best for locking (target)

    well in my server there is few bugs cause by the metamod: Lack targeting sometimes someone is invisible and all wierd bugs.. so what version is the best for esf?
  4. N

    bots locking ESF!?

    for some reson the bots r locking me ESF constently .... i dont no y and im not useing any exparamentl thingys... lol thingys good grammer but its 2 late to think so if any 1 could help me plz ill b on all night geme a AIM msg plz or replie to this (i perfer a aim msg) thx =)
  5. Eiridan

    Model Locking?

    Hey guys, I've heard about many people ripping models and such. And i came up with an idea to stop this. If it were somehow possible for somebody to come up with a way to "lock" the model so that it wont be editable. Any suggestions would be nice? Any programmers? Just food for thought...
  6. L

    Locking up

    Hmm it's weird but lately when i play ESF my computer locks up ALOT! .. didn't have any problems b4, but since i installed the script pack from mr. Satan it does like not work propperly. First of i dun know for sure if it is cossed by the pack, but in any case how could i unistall that? or...
  7. R

    Locking on to an enemy (suggestion)

    As of right now in Beta 1, you can only lock on to an enemy by hitting Mouse1 when your crosshair is over the enemy. If you switch to a Ki attack the lock on the enemy will be gone. I want to suggest making the Lock on easier. I find it really difficult to lock onto someone when they are...
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