1. Aurum

    Lock System

    Is there going to be any lock system within the final version? It seemed kinda annoying the gameplay without locking the enemy.:-/
  2. zmaster

    lock on

    is it possible for u all 2 make a lock on feature similar to zeq2 lite .im not trying 2 make u like them or anything im just giving out ideas:cool:
  3. sub

    Automatic Lock On System

    I'm reposting this idea from our melee thread. - When you hit someone with melee or someone hits you with melee, a lock on box (akin to 1.1, but prettier) will appear around them. This will allow you to keep track of whoever your fighting. - The box will go away if you die, the person you...
  4. dan_esf_fanatic

    What is 'scroll lock' for?

    I've thought about this all my life but never bothered to ask. What does Scroll Lock do when it's turned on? It doesn't prevent scrolling since I can do that fine with it on. Everything seems to be running just as it is with it off. Can anyone tell me?
  5. G

    clan needed no 1 lock

    yo peeps any 1 tht wants to star ta clan then tell me and leave som einfo bout you and then well see wat we can do
  6. 009

    Which admin lock must topics ?

    Type the name of the admin which you think lock must topics.... I think the locker master is magus... he get my vote :laff: (2min and 15sec later he lock this on to ;/ ) No dont XD lol
  7. Z

    It just doesn't lock on the opponent, why?

    Doesn't matter how much i press the left mouse button it just doesnt lock on the opponent. I cant figure out whats wrong :(. Help!
  8. S

    wont lock on help plz

    i got steam installed. ESf running fine , but it wont let me lock onto anyone. an i missing a file?? someone help plz :)
  9. Scorcher2k

    Steam 1.2 Server Lock up

    I've been experiencing a problem with scorched earth ever since I did a fresh steam install and fresh 1.2 dedicated server install. Unlike when 1.1 would lock the game or crash the game itself steam with 1.2 is locking up the entire server. This is a huge pain in the ass because esf isn't the...
  10. D

    why does nobody anwser the qustion! they just lock my thread

    I have a legitimate question for setting up a server I'm not trying to cheat ok I'm trying to set the server up so that the power levels FOR EVERYONE increase at the same rate but at a higher ratio so instead of everyone getting only 5000 point added to the power level for each melee attack...
  11. Suh Dude

    Lock and Load baby.....

  12. C

    hand lock suggestion

    this is kinda expanding on that submission hold suggestion. My idea is if submissions are put in shouldnt be fist locking?? You know like when two people lock hands and massive amounts of power are put out and you try to push the other person into a wall or somthing (here is were it...
  13. Snow

    No Caps Lock?

    I just reformated my computer and while I was tring to re do my ESF controls It will not let me set the turbo fuction to my caps lock key? Does anyone know why?
  14. S

    What is the command to unlock player lock.

    I want to do this cause i don't want to replace the models i have.
  15. Yazuken

    using models

    I was wondering if there is anyway to use models in esf without replacing the regular chars.
  16. M

    lock models

    Hey in the game esf. When u create a server it has under advance thing lock models. What does lock models do?
  17. dudeman

    The Great ESF Group picture :)

    i might add some more ppl that wanna be on it.. anyways, how ya guys like it? grtz, da d00d (changed host to redsaiyan) (changed host to lycos)
  18. Z

    Lock bug

    i reported this when the last version was 1.0 but it isn't fixed ... when you have locked someone that join the spectator team you don't unlock him, so is it fixed with the new spec code ? btw when you swoop you can get crushing damage (you have to be very fast so i don't think it is...
  19. S

    Trunks I found

    heehhehe hey Guys I found this awesome Trunks Model in two versions and I asked person to release it he said no but maybe if enough people ask him he'll reconsider how bout it people. c'mon peps. (edited by s-bolt-- on request)
  20. M

    creating new characters

    sup is it possible to create new characters without overriding the current ones? -/\/\C