1. Odin

    Hydrogen vs Boost lmao

    i just heard about this from a friend, has anyone else seen it? :D <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/PJnCZOw3igY&hl=en&fs=1"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><embed...
  2. J

    Ask A Ninja... Lmao

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jhmBva2yTZM check out the other ones on the right also. havent had a good laugh like that in a while, lmao. ;D
  3. B

    Slig low poly .. lmao

  4. B

    lmao O_o

    Was bored, drew this, probly gonna model it somtime down the road.
  5. OubliezJe


    LMAO! i jsut saw this movie called WHite bits. doesnt have any nudidity or nething but you have to watch the whole thing to find it funny. But you ahve to install a thinkg called hi-def for teh high definition. but it doesnt take long at all maybe a min, for me neways. here link...
  6. OubliezJe


    LOL, my dad jsut got back from kuwait, next to iraq, and there black market is awesome! he came back with over 200 movies, all buying them for like 5 bucks each like hellboy he got it on dvd. it still in theatres, which it sweet. PLUS! He bought 3 Rolexes. Bought them all for 64 dollars...
  7. S

    Ive lost all faith in webcaming LMAO!!!

    This guy is just sick what more can i say except read and look for urself.....http://obscenestuffpwnedbymaj.org
  8. Amayirot Akago

    WTF!? LMAO

    I went looking for Brolly pictures this afternoon, and then (for some odd reason) this showed up: LOL! Imagine an umbrella named after the Legendary Super Saiyan! :laff::laff::laff::laff: Brolly's prolly turned around in his grave after hearing this...
  9. JDeezNutz

    irish joke LMAO *no offence to irish people*

    LAMO you have to see this http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view.php?id=2505 WARNING: contains cartoon nudity /\ stop people complaining :D
  10. SSj Goten

    Custom Model

    I give Credit to LiL GoHaN,Original Trunks Modeler and Mr.Smo for parts of the model..... this is my own custom model.... i drew it and lil gohan edited the trunks and smo's goku.... ***EDIT*** http://www.dbreanimations.tk/ This is for my DBZ movie ^_^ P.S. ill give u the non ssj pic in a...
  11. TehMuffinMan

    Nasty Dragon Release!!!

    YAY!!!! anyways.. this is a replacement pack for almost everything related with the dragon, it replaces the dragon model into a torturing device, it replaces the dragonballs with 7 esf characters heads, it changes the sounds to somthing i cannot explain (heh) anyways.. enough of the words...
  12. S

    Dbz Music???

    can anyone give me the names of sum really good dbz music for my mp3 player ty. Also how do i add the songs in and how many songs can i have?
  13. E

    how about to make a chibi trunks?

    someone can make a chibi trunks from buu saga?
  14. .FM.


    yes i made the wall paper (ryoko) :S comments? O_o
  15. W33dPl@nTj3

    my sig

    this is my first sig i ever made :) like to have your opinion http://users.pandora.be/Grimmie/sig.JPG
  16. X

    When Damnit... WHEN!

    lmao j/k on the topic anyway When will someone make or finish up a C-17 and Super C-17 model? I wanna replace Trunks. It'd fit! I want Android 17 badly ;( hese like my brother.... in a cartoonish way :p
  17. DaKD

    Brolly from Movie 10

    Heres my first model taht i made from scratch and also my fist skin(which is undergoing heavy improvment i jsut wanted a preview with skin ^^) THIS IS LIKE A 50% PROGRESS PIC lol hah no more looking at pics of something that doesent exist. Il have new pics as soon as the new skin is done^^
  18. L

    New map STYLE (pics) and question

    ESF_TOON_BETA1 :o <img src=http://www.clanmv.com/thrust/images/screenie01.jpg></img> <img src=http://www.clanmv.com/thrust/images/screenie02.jpg></img> <a href=http://www.clanmv.com/thrust/maps/esf_toon_beta1.zip>http://www.clanmv.com/thrust/maps/esf_toon_beta1.zip</a> To test the map...
  19. N

    Lmao i can't do melee anymore lol

    When I first played the beta I was able to do melee attacks with no prob, but now all of a sudden I can do them at all lol, its like my character or mouse or something has a melee limit lol. It’s driving me nuts, no matter what I do melee would happen once and not happen again. Now lets see...
  20. S

    Rofl! Lol! Lmao!

    http://maniax.sk/adequancy/ LOL this means that SSJ´s are Computer Hackers!!! Goku vs. Vegeta: who can hack faster into the us government computers??? HAHA funny lol