1. D

    Straight link

    can someone plz give me a straight link to download broly plz to send me to a web site because i wouldent know what to do so if you can send me a straight link to download it tht would be nice.
  2. scope

    Help with link model

    Ok guys, i really need your help on this, how the heck do i make this possible I want this lil dudes face right on my model, i want to know what is the best way to do it, i mean like you see the eyebrows, you see them through the hair, but the eyebrows are not sticking out, they are...
  3. akirax


    please any one who knos where i can get fmod.dll please tell me lol i hav the client.dll prob so i need it desperatly PLEASE xD
  4. MickeyG


    hey i got some progress to, inspired by the new game Zelda:TP skinning is hard like this (milkshape, remap and paste it on the skinpicture) can someone make skinmaps for this model for me.. that would make it much easyer to skin it :O BTW does someone has tips on SKINNING the...
  5. dan_esf_fanatic

    Could some1 give me the link to esf_powerlevel changer?

    I'm looking for a plugin that allows you to change powerlevel. I'm not talking about the .corePowerlevel that you can find on ESF-World, I'm talking about the other one in .sma format. I googled and googled, but I just CAN'T FIND IT! Could someone please give me the link if not here then via pm...
  6. TeKNiK


    Long over due for the comp here, but I had a lot of work to do. Anyways This is meant to help get me back into the Subdivision and Eventually normal mapping workflow. I've been stuck like 1k models and 256x256 skinmaps forever now. Anyways It's Link from TP, but I think i'm going to give him...
  7. L

    Link Sig.

    Haven't made a sig in a long time. What do you all think? -Edit- (old one)Changed a few things
  8. Skyrider

    Forums link changed?

    Is it me, or did the forums changed to forum? Since worked just fine before the movement.
  9. D


    could some one send me a link so i can dl the veggeto model for evm becuase when i start it it says dont have model fusion potara
  10. Volrath

    ESF Orkut Brazilian community! (LINK) =) Thank you.
  11. V

    Young link of zelda

    Hi,people. my question is, Someone can create of young link of zelda 64. I can give photos of young link. Is a good project. Please to try create of model. My msn is [email protected] :laff: thanks.
  12. I

    sorry for the bad link

    sorry for the bad link... heres the real link to my new forum... first one [Link Removed]
  13. SailorAlea

    Naruto of the Week[Spoilers Allowed]

    This thread is for the discussion of new episodes of Naruto that come out. Spoilers (obviously) are allowed. After this point, please don't create any "Episode 151 discussion," (etc) threads. Discussion of the series in general should be done here...
  14. C

    does this link work for you?

    ok tell me what u see..for me it says the link doesnt exist..but for my friends they say it not sure what to it just my browser or what?...try it out and tell me Link removed
  15. P

    I need a link to EVM Evolution X

    Can someone plz give me a link to the newest EVM instulation? I remember it called Evolution X thx
  16. Eclipse

    Operation: Link (Adult Link)

    Ok, since someone wanted this I'll post it, but I feel really EWWWWWW doing it. This model is over 2 years old and I did it in my free time while I was still in's nasty I warn you....I can't stand this model and I don't know why i ever thought it was good, but someone said link...
  17. Growler

    Operation: Link (Adult Link)

    Ok, I have been hearing alot about how people are getting sick of doing dbz characters. I haven't seen a Link around here, so anyone who WANTS to, put the badge on and work on Link. Skiwan is already drawing a reference for our use (supposedly) I will be working on him myself. So, for all those...
  18. R

    this is a super saiyan 10 come see it just clik on the link

    this is goku super saiyan 10 just clik the link
  19. X

    FMOD.DLL Broken Link! (Client.dll problem!)

    Well I was searching through and there were only one link, broken, so here's a tempoary link for all you who's getting a Client.dll problem! Here ya go! that should do the trick! FMOD.DLL Is hosted by Esf-world
  20. M the link to fix is broken help me

    plx help me i have the Could not load Library esf\cl_dlls\client.dll and the link of the thread is broken plx some1 help me