1. O

    hmm this time A WORKING LINK!!

    i need a working link to dl Cloud (fixed by mr.satan) one C'mon PLEASE!!
  2. Celticus

    Link model

    Hey everybody!! Starting a Link model but first i need to know something... A month ago i made a Garlic jr model but he had to many polly's... Does this one has to many polly's too? It's just his hat.. Making his Face right now.. What's the average nr polly's for the head?
  3. N

    zelda link ripper

    he said an friend of him made it... website :
  4. MinesSkylineR34

    Link for DPredator

    Link is the theme this time
  5. N

    NEW chibi goku gt edit, download link is here

    deleted, yay
  6. D

    How do u link words to Websites?

    what I mean is, How can u make the link to be a sentence, or some words Click here ^^^ like that, and it would link you to a website.
  7. Z

    hjelp need the news esf link plz

    i can not find the news esf. lpz hjelp me a link
  8. Punio4

    Cel shading link

    all of the links aren't working. The german one is empty, and the other ones... i dunno! Gimme links!
  9. L

    Vegeta W.I.P

    Hey this is my first poly by poly model!! CAn u post critz please aswell!More Updates soon! Update: Added head and stuff, look for ur self!
  10. E

    gmax help...i just got it and i cant understand it

    im trying to make brolli and does gmax skin it or do i just make the ploy thingy and i need some help also my aim is ss5krillingoku
  11. D

    can some1 give me site of downloading maps?

    redsayian fall :((((((((((((( so plz
  12. L

    only if u mapper or can help

    hello......well i was wondering if u could make a budokai map for version 1.1 there might be one but everywere i download it it says wrong version so sry for the request post but ive looked everywer but no one has it so or if u just have a hyper link that would be cool
  13. L

    Looking for the pr0's Freiza

    Hey Guys, ive been searching for The pros Freiza, could someone provide me a link or send it to me? EDIT-Yes I know this goes in Final Request, but the truth is, most stuff is ignored there and people go on with their conversations...
  14. L

    Blue Saiyan link

    Could someone please provide me with the Blue Saiyan link?
  15. L

    vagetas plz!

    can some one give me ssj4vegeta bebivegeta and ssj4 bebi vegeta plz all sites that got are offline but all the stickies dont either so can u plz send em in e-mail ive tried the request but no has sent sumpin back plz send t [email protected] thax agin ps also brolly if...
  16. OubliezJe

    DBNG background (quickie)

    i got boredlast night and made me a dbng background.not the greatest but hey... credits go to davidskiwan for the drawing and thought of dbng. go there :)
  17. Z

    hentai goku

    this link contains erotic conten if u are not 16 ore olderask your parents for promision to enter so not do not i repeat do not click it
  18. L

    sry to bother but need sumpin

    sry everyone but i need a model baby i have checked stickies and everywere else but still cant find it sry but if u could send it to me wit email or sumpin it would be greatly appreciated and sry about earlir and know
  19. Z

    goku ssj

    here it is i put alot of efot in this and soem friends helpt me with it cous i usualy do proportions wrong ty to = fingerbonenail and kaiosin{ww}
  20. D


    I START TO MAKE A CAPSULA CORP AND WHEN ME DO A DOOR U COULDNT GO OUT! SEE THE TROUBLE. give me solutions, plz!here the zip if anyone could give me what u like in the map and some ideas to do better like types of textures or shape for the capsule.