1. S

    lil' question

    can anybody give me a link to download the song from ecx rc2 installer please?^_^
  2. I

    Lil help

    Hi can some one tell me there to go to download ESF1.3 cause i cant find it
  3. Slofreak

    lil help

    does anybody got krillinssj (i think thats his name) powerup aura and sandershi hud can anyone upload it on rapidshare, esf world dosent work... here is the pic of the hud and powerup aura, yea i know turo is on but there is a powerup aura to...
  4. veqeta

    Bitorrent, Azuerus...a lil help? :P

    well i just downloaded the client and it looks hella lot complicated than limewire, but i was told it was very good and quick at downloading stuff, i downloaded the client but i'm not sure how to actually use it, a lil' help would be appreciated. *note i've stopped using caps constantly and...
  5. Y

    Spent a lil time

    I spent a lil time making a sig based on the Anime show Naruto This is Sasuke This is the first one I had... People said that it was simple and i agree :P Updated one... Without Motion Blur ================== With Motion Blur ==================
  6. D

    3dsmax giving me a lil issue,help plz?

    Hey esf'ers its been a long time since i logged in here,well heres my problem anyway.When im trying to set up a plane and put a pic on it it wont work.I make the plane,open the material editor,set diffuse to bitmap and pic my ref pic,drag it to the plane and it just turns grey.Wont change to the...
  7. L


  8. ~Dark Trunks~

    a lil problem

    k i got this tiny problem my esf runs fine and i jus got a new computer so i kno its not my computer but wenever i make my own room for some reason i get this application error and it says cant read memory at such and such and it jus crashes and closes my esf i jus wanna kno does anyone else...
  9. Nuttzy

    got bored, a lil gun modellin

    got bored the other day, and i was target shootin at a can across the room with my airsoft gun when i had the idea to create an airsoft mod, as it would be insanely easy to do cuz most of the code wouldnt have to be touched at all, i aint recruiting though, dont get me wrong, just explaining...
  10. D

    lil PROB

    yea i gots a lil problem with models... when im playing (swooping) or just moving rapidly my guy kinda looks to the side real quik not the face but the whole model and my view its kinda like my mouse spazzing when i play cs but im not using my mouse sumtimes and it doesnt do it when im not using...
  11. G

    umm a lil help plz..

    first how do u go super sayin??? O_o
  12. GoD's Fighter

    A lil' help for the newbs out there..

    I found something through Google.. its a lil thing that can help you with the most basic advanced melee punch combo... Here if you're smart enough to understand it you can find it usefull..... if you have trouble understanding it PM me , I'll help you because the things the link explains...
  13. imkongkong

    i spy with my lil eye.... old esf team members =O

    woah vassago.. anybody else spot any old team members? Sorry, this is a form of advertising and isnt permitted on these boards. Closed.
  14. Rayna

    Here's a lil something (WP) '_'

    '_' Made my first wallpaper. Maybe I should have called it purple instead of sparkle, but meh :Þ C&C
  15. Mystic Snake

    Hey a lil question from the new guy

    Hey guys, im new to ESF and im wondering why whenever i try to play on the net it doesnt have any servers :O anyone got any suggestions?
  16. crazykorean10

    who do you make those cool lil icons and stuff

    i always thought that everyone had a cool(pimp) icons and stuff and i was thinking about asking you this like 5 months ago but didnt
  17. TeKNiK

    Lil Practice!

    just trying some stuff..
  18. totalvamp

    A lil card for my GF

    I made this card for my GF also made the Poëm showed it today and she liked it. what do you think of it?
  19. Goten-son

    Just a lil humor for this part lol well this is a flash for steam but the rules basicly apply the same for here lol so for those just joining welcome and watch that flash for some helpful info =)
  20. Kurachi

    lil question

    i wanna ask if someone knows if it's possible to make an invisible func_button? i searched but can't find it {maybe because i didn't search goog enough or maybe because my english sux} if somebody knows it please tell me :)