1. Zeonix

    Gay Marriage Legal in NY

    About time.
  2. DaFeLa

    getting more LEGAL users in the esf community

    please read every think i write here...... oke. i was thinking about to change the esf site for be more security in this forum i was thinkgin about this for getting next beta or already released beta someone must registerin in this forum and verifiy his steam account for getting a...
  3. EvolutionX

    ESF Legal Game

    Hi members and quests, i want to ask about legaly (For ESF), and Administrators and the other Members, don't give support because they (not validated users) don't have Half Life on their Steam account. So the point is "If ESF was legal game, why it can't be downloaded through Steam as mod if you...
  4. Nuttzy

    hey, is this legal? ( cant find a place that says it isnt)

    well, I have this large pirate flag. and a flagpole i can mount to my truck. im pretty sure you can fill in the gaps. would i get pulled over for sailing a large flag from my truck across state? i am soon to be doing a bit of a road trip, multiple vehicles involved, and they wanted...
  5. Kaination

    Need some legal advice about a teacher at my school, please any and all help!

    Okay, so my teacher in my class has this rule: "If you get lower than a 70% on a test, it gets put in the gradebook as a zero until you retake that test and get higher. Until you retake it and get higher than a 70%, it gets put as a zero" Is that even legal? Technically a zero is not...
  6. dan_esf_fanatic

    Another way to install ESF. Legal?

    This could be a stupid question, but I'll ask anyway: My friend found a way to install ESF in a whole nother way. First, he bought Half Life and installed it. Then he bought cs 1.6 which came with steam, and installed it into his Half Life directory. Then he installed ESF into his Half Life...
  7. V

    Legal Rights

    How many people here believe that it is legal for Funimation to stop a small group of people from making pc game modification of DBZ. And if you do believe it's legal, then how come they haven't stop ESF?
  8. Nuttzy

    rhapsody? itunes? naptser? legal music download questions

    im not one to download very much music, but ive been thinking about signing up for one of those pay-to-download services lately. out of the main ones, which would you guys say has the best selection of music? are the files drm equipped? (or can I burn them to a cd and listen to them in the...
  9. Suh Dude

    Multipack games legal in US?

    I was looking at my old boxes, and I have these case full of CDS full of games, like street fighter, super mario, ect, and includes like 93 more games, from Japan, expecially for PC. I noticed that they don't have these here at the US. So, wouldn't this make it illegal? They're really old...
  10. J

    Street Legal Forums!

    *POST EDITED TO REMOVE ADVERTISING AND WAREZ* This is a place for hiphop and music alike, Here you can freestyle battle, Download Full Albums, Download Programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Fruity Loops, and More! Graphics Tutorials, and alot of other graphics things! Use that referal...
  11. I

    Street Legal dirtbikes??

    hey guys.. I'm intrested In buying a dirt bike, however i want to be able to ride it on the street. Ebay isnt helpn too much.. and i am new at this dirt bike thing. So if any of you got any suggestions to give me on how to get an on/off road dirt bike for at most 1500 $ And how old do you...
  12. D

    Its legal to download Cartoon episodes right?

    My friend and I have a dissagreement.Is it legal or not to download cartoon episodes.Such as Dragonball z.Anyone who knows for sure please let me know so we may end this dispute.
  13. KidMan

    Guess who's Legal!

    MWUAHAHAHAH IM FINALLY 18! God, it seems like it took 18 years to get here.... :laff:
  14. Thamuz

    legal issues

    How on earth do you guys get around that, because DBZ isn;t your idea and it is copyrigthed, so how did ya get around it
  15. S

    something i made while bored.... its weird

    hey i made these while i was bored, i never made nuffin like this before.... its not fancy or nething.... hope you like :D 1: 2: 3: which 1 is better?
  16. W

    BIG PROB WITH [email protected]!#! help me [email protected]#!#@

    i got prob with ms3d i wen i enter the code and the name he said thet i am register but then wen he restart the ms3d he write me thet i need to wait 2 min to be registerd wan i do thet i tryng to save my work but he is still said`s thet i am not register... and wen i relunche the ms3d he...
  17. S

    3dsm 5 problem

    very confused, i have it registered and stuff, and i click on it and it starts initializing and loading plugins and then suddenly it just closes, no error message or anything, i'm using windows 98 pentium 3 733mhz if anyone has any idea whats wrong here please reply
  18. H

    legal problems with my mod....

    People have been saying that I need to get permission from the companies of the other Animes that I am basing my mod on (manga madness mod for HL) or it would be illeagal and I heard from elsewere that you can do ANY mod as long as you dont make money from it... this makes sense, because it is...
  19. L

    To Stock Photo Or Not?

    For those who are really into imaging and knwo what stock photos are what do you think. are they wrong to use or are they ok to use to a certain extent? me personally i think there great i just alot of sotck photos for business sites and portoflio sites for people. Ohh yea and if you gusy say...