1. vahn9

    league of legends

    anyone play league of legends other then the dude with the garen sig if you have more then 1000 wins and are interested in playing send me a message pvt if you have less then that don't bother thanks
  2. Deathshot

    League of Legends

    Since I didn't see a topic about this I thought, why not? Just started actually playing and Wukong and Ezreal are my team. I can't wait for that new Ezreal Legendary Skin. "What does the scanner say about his powerlevel?" "Cannot detect powerlevels below 9000" Ezreal has the voice of the guy...
  3. C

    League of Legends.

    Does anyone play that game here? If yes in what server do you play in (EU or US) and whats ur summoner name? Ill start with mine: Summoner Name: costas84 Server: US
  4. Sting

    ESFL (Earth Special Forces League)

    Hi everyone, Well I have been thinking how can I support ESF Community a bit more. There for I was thinking to make an official ESF League. I contacted 1 of the ESF team to ask for there support and if he liked the idea. I got a possitive mail back from him and he like the idea. So I had...
  5. Barney

    Champions League Final

    Wow that was a great game. I though Man U was going to take it with the momentum they had in the first ten minutes, but once Barca scored they gave up. Anyone else watch the game?
  6. G

    When did it become 3AM? Damn you S4 League

  7. sub

    Clan League

    I'm starting a clan league. ESF doesn't have many clans, but I feel this is the only way to get people to start doing matches and things normal clans do. I'm posting this here mainly for anyone in europe who wants to join in on this little experiment. Site is rough around the edges, but...
  8. N

    Subforum in the ESF league section for clan advertiesment

    Lets face it- the clan scene in this game is falling, and fast. Perhaps a way to fix it is an actual place to advertise new and growing clans. Clans supported by the community tend to last much longer, and there is no better place to start than the ESF forum. A larger influx of deticated...
  9. MuscularYoda

    Force Pit - Paid - Not listed under ESF League.

    Transaction ID: 62W5136247085542A Sales Tax: $0.00 USD Total: $5.00 USD Item/Product Name: Force Pit subscriptions Subscription Item/Product Number: 1_14433 Buyer: Chad E**** Iv been in communication with Pain for some help. He has done all that can, so i figured I would post...
  10. K


    Sorry, but i will have to make this short because i am in a hurry, so if you have any questions just ask. I have a host, good and big. I have the brains, ideas and management skills. I know abit on website making. But I don't have enough time to learn php scripting and such to make a...
  11. P

    Earth League??

    i don't really get the point of whats wrong.... when will it be up again...
  12. A

    About earth league and others question

    When wil EA be back up ? And wil there be other sites like clanbase and so to support this game ?
  13. S

    What is Earth League, steam and Won?

    Im not new to ESF, I've just always played LAN. What is Earth League, steam and Won? I know they allow you to play online but do I have to install them? Where do I get them? Thanks
  14. O

    earth league .. what the hell?

    ive been gone for several months.. so i dont know what the hell earth league is .. is it that new version of esf?
  15. X

    Earth League

    Yay, I'm not very good so dunno if I'm gonna sign up or not and the site looks nice too ;). With this open, I think more clans will emerge :). Anyways nice job creaters of the Earth League!
  16. A

    Earth League Update?

    Just wondering how Earth League was coming. I saw a teaser pic of the website, but haven't heard anything else. I tried looking at the dev journals, but they all seem broken. I did a quick search of the forums, didn't see anything. Does anyone know how it's coming?
  17. K

    The League

    So far my league has webspace, a webprogrammer, a webdesigner, a server *once the league is going it will be up* and we are currently looking for some other servers :]
  18. K

    Making an ESF League

    Hey everyone in a clan out there, I'm thinking of starting a league for ESF clans that are having trouble looking for battle I'm going to need some help on making this league happen, i'm going to need a webprogrammer, and sponsors, for servers etc.. To make this happen, The league will have...
  19. DJ-Ready

    If there were a ESF League, would you play in it?

    I was thinking about a ESF league for single players since the EL never opened... So Im curious who of you would play in such a league and who not... cos if noone would play, its not worth to create one ;) *blink blink*
  20. Optional

    Earth League

    How is the site coming? When will it be fully operational?