1. X

    My Skin Site... Sorta...

    Well incase most of you have not noticed. I have uploaded work from both me and Shijing onto my clan site. At first I was thinking of adding work from members in the clan only but with permission from others I would like to upload their models onto mine.
  2. S

    Meh Portfolio Site

    hello :o i decided it was time to update my site, so I did. but, my upload speed is all messed up, so I cant upload the content yet, but you guys CAN comment on the layout. C&C Welcome
  3. Q

    New Portfolio Layout....

    Well i decided i'd make a portfolio site for myself so i spent the better part of this morning (about 2 hours) putting this one together is photoshop. I really think it turned out well but i can see places where I am going to have to tweak and move things around and I'm gonna have to add a...
  4. D

    *NEW* Site Layout

    Hey, I'm updating my lot! So here is the NEW site layout. Tell me what you think:
  5. E

    Please Any L33t Designers please

    can any l33t designers make me an interface for my site if u say yes ill pm u the details thanks ps. I hope futile says yes..... or anyone.....
  6. S

    DBZ Revo Layout!

    Well I'm in Italy ATM but I'm using a cousins computer. Talk about Gfx Heaven, You wouldn't believe some of the software they've got here! Well, Heres a Web Site I'm making for my nephew and his friends. What do ya guys think? And the splash screen :) I think I've improved alot so...
  7. S

    SSJW.Net Layout

    I am curious what you guys think of my website layout for my site ... Ive been using it for a while, but dont know if I should change it... Im thinking of keeping it. I dunno o_o (PS: If your wondering why i havnt updated, its because I dont have a Media Server anymore...
  8. R@!D3R

    -]DS[- Website Layout!

    Well I've started to make a layout and here it is What you guys think? If you want to join emial me at [email protected] later
  9. D

    My *NEW* Site Banner...

    Hey, what do you guys think? This will be my NEW banner for my NEW site layout. :D
  10. G

    Something in Noticed while mapping

    it had been a while since i had made my last map and like others do i got a craving to start mapping agian. I recently downloaded the new ESF and i decided to make a map for it. I got the basic layout done. My friends asked me to make a privite server so we could dink around, and i wanted to...
  11. LaMM

    ESF Fansite New Layout

    I've made a new layout for my ESF Fansite, hope you like it...the site isn't needs alot of new updates sooooo, just wait and see. I like it, i hope you guys do to!!
  12. S

    Infinity Streak Version 2.0

    It sucks but its better than the last. Created entirely in Ps, Ima get this coded by Stinger, lol. Crits wanted.
  13. Loki

    Website BG

    Im requesting that someone makes me a BG for the website im creating Vegetto's Domain. Like always Blue and Black fav colors to make bg out of. Maybe include a pic or 2 of Vegetto in it with its opacity down. Whoever does this for me will have full credit shown on the site with either ur esf...
  14. S

    Digitally Inclined ver. 2.0

    My new layout for my portfolio, What do you guys think?
  15. S

    Layout! Comments Plz

    hey i made a new layout for my portfolio site.. i was think either go with the digital graphics smooth look or the rough skining artist look... anyway, check it :p
  16. owa

    Layout help.

    Hey, I know there aren't tuts for Layout making and stuff cause I tried to find some. But anyways I need osme help. - I need a detailed explanation of how the slice tool works. Weither one of you post it or you give me a link. - Just some baisic info on how I should begin the layout...
  17. Ryoko

    Yet another Ryoko wallpaper (800 x 600)

    Well, heres another one from me! Tell me your opinions on it. If you are getting bored of my work, don't comment.
  18. C

    layout tutorials

    it seems everywhere I go, they have tutorials just on making pictures. anyone know a place that can lead you to make your own, awesome, LAYOUTS, cuz right now, I'm not too hot, and Im sure some visual instructions would really help me.
  19. VivaLaPineapple

    quick layout

    done completely in psp7 what ya think
  20. GundamSeph

    ESF layout on a macintosh

    It looks VERY WEIRD, lets say that. The buttons are all spread out, everythings huge, lol. Just saying that someone should try and make it more capatable for a mac :P btw i can't do it since i'm only visiting someone, my mac at home doesn't have internet I'm in ottawa right now visiting...