1. Suh Dude

    Free layout :\

    I lost the PSD to it, it's useless to me now... Also for anyone who wanted to see what I was trying to do with it.. maybe it'll give some ideas. Uploaded with
  2. KidMan

    Website Layout Suggestion

    The dragonballs on the left isde as you enter the ESF website is only one dragonball. I think it should go from the 1 star to the 7 star dragonball and then from there go with the Namekian dragonballs. Would look better in my opinion.
  3. DragonDude

    Leprechauns and Peanut Butter -- Ytmnd changes layout.

    So I was walking down the street the other day and two leprechauns ran up to me. YTMND changed their site layout, what do you guys think? IMO it's worse than the last one, but meh. I asked them if they would be so kind as to reveal the location of their gold, but they only laughed...
  4. M

    New forum Layout!!

    This layout pwns, what do you think? Well, when i came here, the forum looked somewhow much cooler xD.
  5. A

    Layout for my website..

    i need some critz, give me your honest opinion, its made in photoshop 7.0 Edit: can someone plz post crits or any comments, like what i can do better, i need to make the size of the file smaller, its 228 kb atm...
  6. C

    ANOTHER Layout

    I think this one might just be better then the last one. Comments and stuff welcomed...
  7. C


    I decided to make a new layout again. Please comment. i just quickly slapped the Copyright on so dont comment on that. Thanks guys. EDIT: Also btw its still wip :P
  8. PiXel

    Site layout for my clan!

    !Pic! well... i just doin a new site for my clan... Me needs a good font! Also just exept this laya only without the text... What still missing? Do i shall to add something? what font will be better to use? C&C are welcome :]
  9. M

    Layout.. need some ideas!, come in and help :D

    okay i made a layout for an art site.. the site is not made yet so dont mind the adresse its a test version this is my first layout ever done so.. and i know its very simple and all but i dont care.. its a layout.. not a piece of advanced art i just need some suggestions to make it better...
  10. OubliezJe

    ShockStudios Layout

    Here is the Enter Page for my Shock Stuidos. Its not much, I know this, but all of the graphical effort is going into the main site. Also here is the official Logo for my Studio. C&C are welcome. Logo Enter site.
  11. M

    Layout i made on school when i was bored

    Hey all.. i was wondering what you guys think of the layout i made in about 7 hours. I made the layout on my school when i was bored and it took me 1 full school day (6 hours) and 1 hour the next day. and the result is verry good if you ask me. But well.. here is the layout.. give critics...
  12. Guru_San

    New Site Layout

    <a href=""></a> -SaN
  13. Guru_San

    ABCOL site layout

    Just needed up upload and not loose the link, so eh C+C if you want but it aint anywhere near done folks. -SaN *UPDATE Cant find another thread i made...
  14. O

    New site layout

    Is the new layout supposed to look like that pic from esf-world? It looks just as it used to be in my comp except I can't load the whole page.
  15. R

    ESF website layout getting to old?

    I have been following this mod for quit a long time, and I was thinking... The website it's self is getting to me. It's had the same layout, the same colors and all that for about .. as long as I can remember. I think the webpage is due for a change... tell me if im wrong, althought you kinda...
  16. Soulicro

    Website layout

    I created my personal website layout today, and I want to know what you guys think. Please, constructive C&C. Thank you.
  17. M

    NEW ESFSTuff layout

    Hello all.. i should say.. take a look at the picture below :) The layout is made on 1024x768 - 40 pixels for the scrollbar :) so it`s 984x768 but it`s ugly if you watch it on 1024x768. i recomment you to watch it with a screen size of 1280x1024 than it`s buatifull :) i will remake the...
  18. Gears

    New Forums Layout

    I must agree that this layout is much better then the old one...but now I got another the esf team gonna redo the layout on because if they don' won't match the forums like the time before the forum's layout is changed
  19. Suh Dude

    ESF_TA website layout.

    I wanted it to be simple ^^
  20. VivaLaPineapple

    layout dilema

    im having a bit of a trouble, im designing a site for my friend but i cannot figure out where to put the navigation. things that will go on the navigation "home CSbot ImageDump Me Email"