1. EliteMarine

    Latest Video Question In the latest video shown above can someone explain why there is a Vegeta head that pops up in the HUD? I know you planned to remove it but can you tell me why it is there?
  2. H

    What is the latest ESF mod i can play ?

    I saw there is the full v1.2.3 ESF with the addons for those who want them, but i also saw Earth's Special Forces :: Open Beta Final! (Unstable) that seems to be uploaded at a newer date. So whats the new one and what you suggest i should play ? :)
  3. Skyrider

    Forum updated to the latest version.

    I've updated the forums to the latest version of vBulletin. I've recently heard that the forums have somewhat slow-down issues where going to threads/making new ones actually takes quite some time. In order to improve that, I had to update the forums while I'll be searching a bit deeper what...
  4. -Origin

    Latest wallpaper.

    Comments? EDIT: It resizes again. Link for full size;
  5. M

    What Could it Mean?! Latest Portal Patch

  6. H

    Latest news updates on ESF

    Boys I have to say I am loving what I am seeing on the main page, you've made the half life engine look unrecognisable. ESF_city looks great, the character outlines really give it a manga look, and the gfx on the beam battles looks amazing. I'm sure i'm not the only one who is salvating at...
  7. LionHeart

    Latest video - dota themed Any feedback would be great ^^ also watch it on youtube and click "watch in HD" that's what I made it for.
  8. Deathshot

    Latest Sig [11/30/08]

    That ya think?
  9. Arsenovicius

    Some latest tags i've made

    just a few latest tags.. and a gift i made
  10. MinioN

    My latest drawings - practice

    Well i'm still practicing and i think i'm really close to finnaly buy tablet :D So here are my latest drawings: Also go to to see the other and ofcourse For cool speed drawings :D EDIT: Please comment my speed drawings on youtube :P tnx
  11. nemix12

    Latest Client

    is this the latest?? Open Beta 1.3 Files;78632 Torrent: None Available Mega Upload None Available Open Beta 1.3 Patch Files;78635 ???
  12. MinioN

    Latest and best artworks

    One of my best and i am still practising.Please tell me what you think.
  13. MinioN

    My latest "grafiti" artwork

    i used grafiti app.(Still with my mouse :D) : <object width="425" height="350"><param name="movie" value=""></param><embed...
  14. MinioN

    My latest "grafiti" artwork

    i used grafiti app.(Still with my mouse :D) : <object width="425" height="350"><param name="movie" value=""></param><embed...
  15. elcor

    latest work elco[R]^^

    hello guys!! well since long time i make new paints.i hope you like guys,please put your coment and critisc. i make a comic for my school competion. later i try translate the comic to english ironman wip please guys i need help how paint this draw i hope you like this works.
  16. |Xiphos|

    Latest Tags

    Haven't posted anything here for a while. Here's some of my latest works. Rebirth Reborn Horde Underwater Tortured
  17. Optimus Prime

    The Latest from GTA IV

    Well, the fourth and final trailer is set to hit next week, March 27th to be exact. In the mean time, a bunch of new media just hit IGN today. And all I can say is that if the following image is 100% in-game, and not touched up, I just crapped myself. I can't say I have ever seen smoke look that...
  18. T

    Latest works

    Now that i'm revisiting here for the first time in a long time, I might as well show some of my latest works. Here I go. Tell me what you think!
  19. |Xiphos|

    My Latest

    since this forum is critical on aspects of a sig, i decided to post here, coz u guys give great advice... ;D well.... was working on this, trying something new out... :P comments?
  20. |Xiphos|

    My latest sig

    well, just made this today... hope u lyk it c&c plz, help me improve ;)