1. Mkilbride

    New laser to rip apart space! Ok, and why are we starting this thing that has a very high chance of killing us all?
  2. Zeonix

    Laser Creates Sun; Destroys Tokyo

    Not really, but this is still an impressive feat: Source:
  3. M

    Eye Laser?

    When did Piccolo ever use his EyeLaser?
  4. dan_esf_fanatic

    Should superbot laser be removed?

    Have you ever gone head-on with a superbot, and he just fires a superbot laser at you and you cant come even close to stop him? Even if I set the laser percent to 0 he still fires it at me and this makes it impossible to fight him. That's why I think it shouldn't an option in ESF 1.3. Who agrees...
  5. O

    SuperBot Laser Bug

    When i try to fight a superbot everytime he uses his laser it crashes my game and my game will not close i have to turn my computer off ive never had this problem before with any game and i cant really figure out anything to do about it other than not use the superbot if yall could fix this id...
  6. D

    finger laser detonation

    i was thinking this earlier playing esf but why not make it that when you use the first finger laser fire (the penetrating one) it can automatically detonate blasts (i suggest there be a timer when you can use the finger laser after you throw an energy attack such as death ball) this wouldnt...
  7. ZeroNightmare

    Frieza & Piccolo -Finger Laser and SBC

    Meh. I think the finger laser should be charged like a beam. Plain and simple. For the primary attack, have a fast charging little beam, with alot of damage. For the alternet attack, think budokai 3 in friezas dragon rush. Have it charge again, but longer then shoot alot of lasers...
  8. Pain

    Finger laser nerf

    A comment made by a very infamous Frieza user in another thread got me thinking. That seems a little lopsided to me. No other character can really do that much damage in such a short period of time. This is of course excluding large beam/blast spam and discs. At least with beams/blasts and...
  9. Ravendust

    Laser Crash

    I was playing against a Ultimatebot with one of my friends earlier and I turned the irritating Sbot Laser percentage down to 0 (it was still a good 30m PL ahead of us). Despite this, the thing would still use the laser. All the time. I tried turning it up to the next lowest setting but still it...
  10. C

    Superbot Laser

    How do I use the superbot laser ??? :confused: Thx 4 help :warning: Sry for my bad english im german :warning:
  11. RavenTrunks

    Eye laser.

    Seems like a waste of ki to me.. drains ki like no other attack and does like what,10-15 dmg. 20 damage max? My suggestion is, reduce the cost by lots, or make it stronger by lots. either way would even it out.
  12. S

    Frieza Finger Laser

    Now we all know this barely does any damage, well last time i played it it didnt, anyways whati think is that this move should be instant kill, and only able to use in frieza's 3rd form
  13. ZeroNightmare

    Finger Laser / Piccolo Scatter Beam

    Okie. I think it would be cool if you had to charge friezas finger laser like a beam. Maybe you could have its current attack as an alternate. But in the movie he didnt spam it really fast. Have it charge like a beam, then a lil bigger, and then fire as normal, but stronger. Add...
  14. 009

    SuperBot Laser bug / Player name bug

    I dont know if i should post this in Bug Report or Bot.. When i wanna play with superbots and max skills in everything but not "superbotlaser" then i try turn it off but they still use it... And other thing... When i add a superbot and later kick it.. then sometime it's still there.. i...
  15. Cap J

    Eye Laser

    I was playing as Piccolo earlier (first time in a long time) and I was fighting some bots and I used eye laser on one and it did nothing. I decided to see if I missed so I put the bots onto idle, went right next to one, shot everypart of the model with the laser and it did nothing to him, it...
  16. Mr. Satans

    Finger Laser

    Simple Suggestion: Make Frieza's primary-fire Finger Laser a beam and keep the secondary (rapid-fire) Finger Laser the same as it is now. As a beam, the laser could be blocked, however make the speed of the beam fast (but not as fast) like the 2ndary finger lasers. {What Do You Think?}
  17. S

    Frieza's Finger Laser

    Frieza's Finger Laser Bug or Intentionally coded in? Only way to get a hit with this is if you shoot at the head, if you don't shoot at the head you don't get the shot (i have tested this many times since I mostly play as frieza. Shooting at the upper body, or the lower body doesn't work...
  18. S

    CAN u use laser like ultimate bot's ???

    plz reply i realy need to know if u can or if u can plz tell me :devgrin:
  19. T

    Best laser ?

    I think it's Candy :)
  20. shadow_wolf

    I think cell should get finger laser instead of disc

    U never see him used Frieza Disc in the show but i do remeber him going to use finger laser when im not totally sure but somebody warned another chracter saying like WATCH OUT THATS THE TECHNIQUE FRIEZA USED or something of the sort and cell is already has so many moves and give him a 1 hit KO...